Which Top Prospects would Flourish Best??

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Which Top Prospects would Flourish Best??

Say out of each of the top prospects and lottery picks which players do you see fitting best in each system?

Irving -- Probably the Cavs. Can immediately make it his team which is important when your a point guard and would work well with JJ Hickson in the P & R.

Williams -- I think he would be best falling to 4 at the Cavs too. In a system where there is no go-to-scorer he could use his athleticism to score about 13-17 points per which is good for a rookie and him, JJ, and Irving would form a very good nucleus to build around.

Katner -- Minny. Him and Kevin Love would eventually turn into one of the best front courts in the league.

Knight -- Kings. Cousins, Evans, and Knight. Nuff said. Some may say Kemba here but I think Knight is will be a better pure point in the league where Evans and Kemba may negate each other at times.

Kemba -- Utah. They need a point guard and with Favors athleticism and Kemba's ability to score and get to the basket with Hayward spotting up they could be very, very good in 5 years.

Leonard -- I would LOVE to see him go to the Wizards. He would bring toughness and athleticism to the team and really fit well at the three spot. For a team that acts tough they really don't have anyone to back it up, Leonard could bring that.

Jimmer -- Knicks. I'd also say Suns here but they have Brooks backing up Nash. Jimmer could come in to a system that fits his style and learn from Chauncey one of the best teachers in the game. Really take him to the next level.

Note: I didn't do any foreign players because I don't know enough about their games.

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"Note: I didn't do any

"Note: I didn't do any foreign players because I don't know enough about their games."

Kanter is as foreign as it gets.....He's Turkish!

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kanter is def a foreigner lol

love it lol

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