Which Team would you rather have

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Which Team would you rather have

PG: Brandon Jennings
SG: JR Smith
SF: DeMarr DeRozan
PF: Dirk Nowitzki
C: Ryan Anderson

PG: Steve Nash
SG: James Harden
SF: Danillo Gallinari
PF: Andrea Bargani
C: Chris Anderson

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they are close if they play 5

they are close if they play 5 on 5. i would take the second team because james harden is by far the best player to build or play around.

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The 2nd team would work

The 2nd team would work together much better. They blow defensively but the 1st team isn't exactly a defensive machine either so I'd go with team two.

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Where did these players come

Where did these players come from? Did you put all the NBA players in a hat and grab from there?? Ryan Anderson is not a Center.

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Was about to ask if you

Was about to ask if you picked these players at randon from a ha...

I'll play along though. For sure team 2. No contest.

Mostly for Harden. But putting Bargnani in a pick and roll situation with Nash would instantly make him good again.

Since DeRozan really does not play SF, Gallinari would be the smart choice. DeRozan has the height but gets pushed around by stronger players.

If I had your first lineup I would hold onto Dirk and trade everyone else.

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you think steve nash would

you think steve nash would make bargs good from the pick and roll??? its bargnani, not stoudemire...

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5-on-5, gym floor, 15

5-on-5, gym floor, 15 straight? Team 1. I'll take Dirk. When your tallest player is the most talented? I'll take it. Plus their slash and kick game would be elite.

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Team 1

Team 1

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