Which overseas prospect would you rather have?

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Which overseas prospect would you rather have?

Which overseas prospect would you rather have?

Tiago Splitter
Fran Vasquez
Ante Tomic
Nikola Pekovic
Tibor Pleiss

I know most of you would rather have Tiago Splitter, but I want to know which overseas center you like the mos tand why.

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Talent-wise: Tiago Splitter -

Tiago Splitter - best C in Europe. Comparison: PJ Brown?

Nikola Pekovic - a very good post scorer, very solid and still young, can be a starter in NBA but more likely to be a great backup. Comparison: Shorter Marc Gasol?

Fran Vasquez - one of the best C in Europe, defensive, can be like A Biedrins, solid defensive big. Comparison: A Biedrins?

Tibor Pleiss - young, got size, but nothing special, can be a serviceable backup C, more likely a 3rd C.
Comparison: Rasho Nesterovic?

Ante Tomic - young, long, but soft, can be a serviceable backup C. Not sure about his progress in Europe, but he's way too soft to start in NBA. Comparison: Richer Brian Cook?

NBA fit:
Tiago Splitter - he should join the Spurs next year and form a great frontcourt with Tim Duncan.

Nikola Pekovic - he should be a solid big man off the bench for the Twolves already. However, with Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, and Darko Milicic, I am not sure if he will see the minutes. His game is similar to Al Jefferson in a sense.

Tibor Pleiss - Gotta stay in Europe to further develop before you talk NBA.

Ante Tomic - Can he even beat out Kosta Koufos on the Jazz team? If not, he would be better off staying in Europe.

Fran Vasquez - his wife said NO to NBA. He will never play in the NBA.

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I'll take Pekovic. Way better

I'll take Pekovic. Way better face up post game and I like his low post defense over Splitter. Both will be solid but I lean Pekovic.

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I would like to have Rubio in

I would like to have Rubio in New Jersey as a back up to Harris even though he has been hyped up.

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