Which one do you prefer, trade DeMarcus Cousins or fire Paul Westphal?

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Which one do you prefer, trade DeMarcus Cousins or fire Paul Westphal?

Everyone thought that the Kings could be off to a great start after beating the Lakers on their first game. But after that, things went really downhill for them. They lost 3 out of the last 4 games by more than 10 points including a beatdown by the Memphis Grizzlies (and as we speak against Denver tonight). Things went bad to worse when Paul Westphal decided to let the whole world know that DeMarcus Cousins wanted to be traded which Cousins refuted. Westphal's inability to handle Cousins immaturity is obvious since the latter's rookie season. Which one would you prefer?, trade DMC or fire Westphal?

DeMarcus Cousins has the talent to become great in this league but questions of his maturity has always been there since high school and i don't think it's going to change at this moment. Paul Westphal's inability to control the players he has and his 49-115 record the past 2 seasons says the Kings might need a new coach. On the good side, when Cousins was DNP'd against the Hornets, they won that game by 16. Then again, a big guy like Cousins is what the Kings badly needed in the long run.

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Fire Westphal, he's not

Fire Westphal, he's not exactly a great/hall of fame coach where you would choose him over your star player if you were a GM. I think he's handled this Cousins issue terribly. He suspended him for one game, then you play him less than 30 min the next 2 games (he had 26 points tonight in just 25 minutes of playing time). This is just him showing Cousins who is in charge, but he is costing the team chances of winning by doing so.

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It probably wouldn't make

It probably wouldn't make sense to trade Cousins, his value right now with his antics isn't as high as it could be. I doubt they would get a fair deal. So I guess fire Westphal, but really needs to happen is Cousins just needs to grow out of his Huggies and quit acting like a f*cking baby.

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Westphal needs to go. This

Westphal needs to go. This team shows no effort and there is literally no offense. I don't mean they can't score, i mean there is no system in place that i can see. A team that's bad on offense, defense and looks constantly confused needs better leadership and westphal is not the strong personality to lead this young team. As a sacramento fan i can speak for the low quality of coaches we've had over the past few years since adelman left and westphal is as bad as any. He's deceptive in that what he says in interviews usually sounds intelligent, but he has made no impact on this teams success over the past 3 seasons and has gotten MUCH more talent than he had to begin with. what's to like?

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Get rid of Westphal, it's a

Get rid of Westphal, it's a no brainer. You don't trade your #4 pick who looks like he could be a 20/10 pretty soon in this league. If he keeps having nights like tonight, you gotta get rid of Westfail.

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Demarcus Cousins

Came off the bench and was the teams leading performer tonight. Needless to say Westphail needs to go.
27 points
9 of 12 shooting, 8 of 9 from the line, and 3 blks. OFF THE BENCH. Screw Westphal, I heard he used to do that back when he coached the Sonic's. Benched people to demoralize them.

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Cousins needs a father figure coach not an inconsistent coach.

Westphal and Kurt Rambis are a lot a like with respect to their coaching philosophies. Why do I say this: In the two years the Rambis was at Minny, he started Darko. This year he has unimpressed the new veteran coach Rick Adelman. I wonder why that is, maybe its because Rambis failed to see Darko's inefficiencies and wanted to try interesting lineups and hopefully win games. Doesn't that sound familiar with Westphal? In the years as a coach, Westphal has made practically every Kings player in a time share. Even the immovables like Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins are practically in a time share, as Westphal decides to start whichever player comes into his head first. No wonder why Casspi wanted to leave. No wonder why Hickson isn't getting quality minutes even though he is clearly better than both Thompson and Hayes. Westphal's recent reactions to Cousins are merely just him giving up on trying to instill some maturity into an immature player. Its no wonder why he can't do it, Cousins needs a veteran coach who has been through some hard times, who can be a father figure to Cousins. Its clear Westphal needs to go. Both Westphal and Flip Saunders are on the hot seat right now, and it looks like both will be gone sooner than people might have thought.

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Not easy to find talented

Not easy to find talented centers like cousins these days

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Cousins was a mistake for the Kings and they knew the risk they were taking. Westphal will never be a great coach. Cousins will be forever a JR Rider type draft pick that will have many people thinking he can have a great career when all he is really capable of is scoring pts on a bad team as he complains about the players he plays with.

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They need to fire Paul

They need to fire Paul Westphal but not b/c of Cousins
Because if they just fire him now,Cousins will feel he is more important than the coaches
I think the Kings dealing with the situation in a good way,they need to give both guys some time,they will fire Paul Westphal eventually
but just not now

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Your question makes it look like Cousins

is the one who is causing the team to lose. Stats last night: 31 fastbreak point, where's the transition D? 68 points in the paint with no Nene but a first career double-double for Koufos. 12 assists, move the ball maybe? This team has no identity and no system. Westphal does not know how to utilize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. The team looks completely lost and their lack of effort seems to me that Westphal's influence is not there. Youngest team in the league and they look the most sluggish in the league. Tonight is a must win, the Bucks are a beatable team especially home. Westphal is on the hot seat and it's burning pretty good right now.

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I dont think they'll Fire

I dont think they'll Fire Westphal so soon after his confrontation with Cousins,it'll be a bad PR move for the team..For siding with an immature player that's not even 1 of the nba's top players yet.....

Word is they werent happy with Westphal last season,but Management felt there were more problems the team should take care of before start looking for a new coach..............

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