Where would Dwight land?

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Where would Dwight land?

I know this idea is too mainstream this year but due to Brook Lopez's injury(out for three weeks). In my opinion, the leading/best trade thought of Dwight for Lopez+Additions is now off the table. Do you still see Dwight being traded to any team before the deadline or he'll stay as a Magic this season and go thru free agency?

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Without the prospect of an

Without the prospect of an impending lockout limiting the amount of money he can make I'm not sure why Dwight would want to be traded, the whole point of being a free agent is to go to a better team, so not having that team strip their roster to get him would be best for all concerned (except Orlando obviously).

As far as where he lands, I'd love for him to end up in Texas with either Houston, Spurs or Dallas. Each of those destinations make a lot of sense in my opninion.

Houston; surprised a lot of people with how well they are playing, and are simply a very deep, hard-working team. They remind me of Dirk's supporting cast in Dallas last season, except they are a lot younger. They are a superstar away from being amongst the elite in the West and McHale would be an ideal coach to help Howard work on his footwork in the post. They are also a fairly young team outside of Scola and Dalembert, plus they have Motiejunas waiting in the wings, who is a stretch 4 who would fit nicely alongside Dwight. I'm not sure what their cap space is like, but I can't imagine they have too many large contracts. From a marketing standpoint Houston still has a lot of fans in China from the Yao years and being the face of the franchise before the Yao support dies down would give him a chance to be a global icon by tapping the China market. If they were smart about it they could do a "torch passing" ceremony of sorts with Yao and Dwight present. Oh and of course, the Dream operates from Houston so having him nearby means more workouts for Dwight.

Spurs; again, not sure about their cap space, but assuming they have the room to sign Dwight they'll have one of the better PGs in the NBA in Parker, a coach who knows how to win with dominant big guys, a still effective Duncan, hopefully a healthy Manu and a host of young players with upside to sustain the success the Spurs seem to enjoy in Leonard, Splitter, Blair and Neal (not quite so young but still).

Dallas; the defending champs are doing whatever they can to clear cap room, yet remain one of the better teams in the NBA. Playing alongside Terry, Dirk and Kidd would be enough to entice him, but the possibility of Williams going there also puts it over the top. On top of that they have Roddy Buckets as a young up and comer to pair with Dwight in the future, and a stretch for in Yi who would also fit nicely with Howard.

I know that of these three only Dallas is really being considered, but I still think Houston would be the best fit.

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Howard on the Spurs will

Howard on the Spurs will never happen.

They don't have the cap space for him and not many chips to trade to get him.

Houston well they do have the cap space but not much else outside of Kyle Lowry.

He won't be traded there, if he choses to sign as a free agent it will be to a city that isn't known for its pro sports.

Despite being a big city they've won 2 pro titles in 40 yrs.

He'd be playing with a very good PG in Lowry but Scola isn't that grt and Martin not the player he used to be even at his best wasn't much of a defender. Still Houston GM has put the team in a great spot cap spot even after a max contract they'll still have a few mill to sign another free agent. Unfortunately its a long shot he signs with Houston.

Dallas obviously would be the 1st or 2nd choice in free agency the big market, city and a real shot at a ring with Dirk and possibly DWill.

I hear 6-8 teams still interested in him but who knows if he gets traded.

This article has a lot of offers for Howard.

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As far as where he lands, I'd

As far as where he lands, I'd love for him to end up in Texas with either Houston, Spurs or Dallas. Each of those destinations make a lot of sense in my opninion.

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Denver Nuggets – Packed to

Denver Nuggets – Packed to the brim with exceptional NBA-level talent, the Nuggets might be the most slept-on team in the NBA heading into this season. Undeniably two-deep at every position, George Karl and the Nuggets will be dead-set on disproving the current NBA ideology of only superstar-ridden NBA teams winning titles.

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I envision the scene somewhat

I envision the scene somewhat differently. I imagine White flushed with panic somewhere, his heart beating out of his chest, his knuckles whiten as his hands grip the chair he is sitting in, extra and unnecessary adrenaline coursing through his veins. Most likely on the edge of tears, White is praying and wishing that this debilitating and merciless fear that is quickly overtaking his mind would just leave him alone. “This was supposed to be a new beginning, a fresh start. Why is this happening… why now?” I imagine White asking himself, feeling some combination of agony and anger. For those that have ever felt the cruel clutch of anxiety, they know this scenario isn’t all that far-fetched.ertg423423

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Plus there are long road

Plus there are long road trips and far many more games than you play in college. It can be grueling, especially for a rookie who is trying to learn the NBA game.

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