Where Will Rudy Fernandez Go?

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Where Will Rudy Fernandez Go?

Portland apparently announced they're willing to trade Rudy Fernandez. Obviously he isn't a good fit in Portland so the question is where will he go?

New York?
New Jersey?

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they need a starting 2 desperatly

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bobbyb, no they don't. The

bobbyb, no they don't. The Nets have Anthony Morrow, Courtney Lee, and Terrence Williams

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Nets depth

Harris - Farmar - Uzoh
Lee - Morrow - Ross
Williams - James - Outlaw
Humphries - Favors - Outlaw
Lopez - Petro - Zoubrek

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this one is easy!!

rudy is 1. EURO... check 2. WHITE... check 3. NOT A GOOD DEFENDER.... check 4. NOT AN IMPACT PLAYER.... double check.....


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Surprise to see Rudy failing in Portland

I am surprised to see Rudy not doing well in Portland and now would have to follow his best friend (Sergio Rodriguez)'s footstep of demanding a trade out of Portland.

However, the Blazers have a history of overvaluing its players too much and always tried to take advantage of others in trades. So far, I don't see any team would overpay (in terms of return) for Rudy and if Blazers do not lower its return demand, they would have a hard time trading him away.

Rudy regressed so much last season to the point that his value is not much higher than Belinelli (at least that's what I think because for a shooter that can't hit 3s, it's a tough sell).

I think Rudy didn't play enough and also injured too much that really affected his game negatively. A change of scenery would certainly help him, but it's more likely that he would agree to break a deal with Blazers and go back to Spain while Blazers keeping his rights (e.g. Narravo, V-Span, etc).

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I think the Knicks would love

I think the Knicks would love to get thier hands on him but It's almost a lock he's not going there.

I think the Jazz would be a perfect team for him.

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New York obviously would be a

New York obviously would be a nice fit because of their playing style.

Didn't he demand more playing time?
I guess the Knicks could offer him some.

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Offline New Orleans as part of New Orleans as part of a package for Chris Paul

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Miller, Batum, Rudy, Bayless,

Miller, Batum, Rudy, Bayless, and Joel for CP3 and Okafor.

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the perfect team would be the

the perfect team would be the bulls

rose, rudy, deng, boozer, noah

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This site says he wants to

This site says he wants to return to Spain...but it says its source is a Spanish-language website and international sources tend to exaggerate...there has also been rumors that greek team Panathinaikos offered him a 3 year $18.3 million deal

And according to Spanish-language website, that’s exactly where Fernandez wants to go: “Rudy and his representatives have commented that his desire is to play on the Blaugrana – next to his friend Ricky Rubio – and that would be his first choice should he decide to leave the NBA.”

(“Rudy ya ha comentado a sus representantes que su deseo es jugar en el equipo blaugrana – al lado de su amigo Ricky Rubio – y ésa sería su primera opción en caso de que decidiera abandonar la NBA.”)

EDIT: and then there is this

Rudy Fernandez wants to go home. In a case of receiving too much, too soon, the Portland shooting guard told El Mundo Deportivo, “If I could reach an agreement with Portland, so that they would not trade me to another NBA team and they would accept my return to Europe, I’d be pleased.”

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Interesting Options

I think you guys came up with some interesting options. I never thought of New Orleans but that might work.

RIP MANUTE mentioned the shooting guards on the Nets, I think Fernandez is better than every one of them. The Nets could definitely use him. I also think he would be a great fit in NY where there is a large Spanish following and the kind of wide open offense where I believe Fernandez could thrive.

I don't think Rudy F. and McMillan ever hit it off. They always seemed to be clashing with one another.

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With a good PG

Rudy's athletic, can hit threes and also he's good attacking the basket. His style of play reminds of Ginobili, with all due differences (can't really compare a star with an average player). Problem is, he's not able to take care of the ball that way. But also Ginobili had a tough start adapting to the NBA play too: he struggled at times with Popovich.

I don't think that Rudy could be a true star in the NBA. Yet, he could be useful to some team who has a good passing PG, since Rudy can be good also as an outside shooter.

Problem is, in order to be effective, he needs the ball in his hands sometimes, to attack the basket. I didn't see him really good playing with a guy like Roy, but he could fit well with guys like Deron Williams, Paul, Nash, and with other good PG.

Also, there are teams in need of a guy like him. Of course he's not a starter in a contender right now, but he could play minutes in teams like New York, Cleveland, Houston, New Orleans...

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Rudy Fernandez

He will go back to Spain and develop a more all around game. Then he'll come back and become a more productive NBA player.

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He's gone

That's why they signed Wesley Matthews and drafted Elliot Williams.

SG: Roy, Matthews, Williams

These guys will accept their roles.

Portland is doing a good job.

They don't need Fernandez who's a good player, but has an ego and wants the spotlight.

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