Where will Jimmer Freddette end up?

I'm seeing his name rising on mock drafts, possibly as high as #7 to Sacramento. But still I think he'll get drafted somewhere between 12-15. Where do you think he'll go?

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I don't see him falling past

I don't see him falling past Phoenix, it all depends how the top shakes out. If Knight could fall to Sacramento, Jimmer could fall a little, if Utah gets Williams or Kanter at #3 they will should take him at #12

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you're right ChameleonKid

i don't think is going very high

i think at least jazz with 12 or phoenix with 13 will pick him

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I posted a few weeks ago

I posted a few weeks ago about how much Jerry Reynolds was raving on a talk show about how The Maloofs would love to have Jimmer if they cant get Knight...

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I see him between

I see him between 7-12

Sacramento apparently fell in love with him during their workout w/ him

Detroit is a sleep team, wouldnt be surprised to see them pull the trigger on Jimmer

Charlotte is another sleeper team, Michael Jordan's still tryna get back to some lost respect from Kwame, Morrison

Milwaukee & GS are the only teams in that range I would say wont consider Jimmer at all

And if Jazz dont draft a PG at 3, Jimmer wont go past 12

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I think the maloof brothers

I think the maloof brothers would love to see a backcourt of Jimmer and Tyreke...I think he goes 7

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Fredette had some really good

Fredette had some really good workouts showing good speed, passing ability and better than expected defense. According to some scouts, they see Fredette to be able to hold his own in a half court defense system with his BBIQ, toughness and better than expected foot speed.

He also proved to be much faster and quicker than people expected during the NBA draft combine.

Originally, I was really skeptical on whether Fredette, but after reading all these reports, I think he can at least turn into a solid NBA player and may even turn into a one-to-two times all star.

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2011-2012 ROY


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I like Jimmer, but I don't

I like Jimmer, but I don't like the fit for my Pistons mostly because I'd be looking for more of a pass-first point gaurd and I'm just not sure if Jimmer fits that bill.

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I think he goes to Sacramento

I think he goes to Sacramento at 7.

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I tend to believe that if

I tend to believe that if Fredette felt he was falling out of the top 9 then he would not have turned down an invitation to workout in Milwaukee. That is imperfect logic, because every year guys think they are locked into a range and end up falling. Then again, there is smoke to the idea of him being taken by Sacramento.

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If Jimmer lands in Sacto, I

If Jimmer lands in Sacto, I could see ROY. He's not going to have a ton of responsibility besides hitting open threes. Think he can do that, a lot? I do. Also, assist numbers could get gaudy passing in to Cousins and Reke. I don't think he's the top talent, a top 5 talent, or, really in all likelihood, a top ten talent, but he should excell at what he's asked to do while the other PGs have too much responsibility too soon, Derrick is trying to find a position, and the Euro bigs are adjusting to America. My pick is Williams for RoY, but Jimmer, this year anyway, has a shot.

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