Where waldo? (GILBERT ARENAS)

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Where waldo? (GILBERT ARENAS)

injuries are part of the game but before the injury agent zero was top 3 at his postition if never gotten hurt PROBALY BE the top PG today! In college he was very underrated. 2nd round pick who turns some heads went to washington where he was an all-star and top 10 in scoring. then the injury and gun thing. smh. So my thoughts is where WALDO??? gilbert is still a scorer can he get you 20 points probaly not. but 12pts 5 ast in 25 mins i take. SO HAVE ANYBODY SEEN WALDO?

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Well I'm not sure where

Well I'm not sure where exactly Agent Zero is, but I may have somewhat of an clue. During the Bulls/Magic game last Friday, former NBA star Jason Williams (M-DYMES eat your heart out) was spotted with his family in the stands observing the game. Mike Breen stated he asked Jason Williams how he was doing and he told him that he is still in love with the game and that he plays YMCA pickup games with...hold you horses...>Gilbert Arenas. he also claimed that Arenas is in good basketball shape. Considering if Williams is still living in the Orlando area, perhaps you can start searching there. I hope this helps.

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Gilbert Arenas is a clown and

Gilbert Arenas is a clown and deserves to go back to Washington with the rest of his immatures buddies he left behind. I was once a big Agent Zero fan, but man when I really saw how little this guy was there mentally bringing guns into the locker room and not getting himself into proper shape I was frustrated with him and it's sad seeing a guy who CAN perform not able to because they have little work ethic when their natural talents are gone.

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Remember the Gilbert Arenas

Remember the Gilbert Arenas commercials? "They thought I was a zero"

Gilbert needs to prove his critics wrong again, but I don't see it happening. He's living up to his jersey number right now.

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he still could put up 20

he still could put up 20 ppg!

the only thing he would need is to play 45 minutes a game and about 40 shot attempts. he maybe would be at 5 assists per game just because he handles the ball.

he once was a good scoring PG but never had a chance to be the best PG in the leauge! injuries have limited if not destoyed his shot creating ability which always was his biggest plus. he never was a great catch and shoot guy and even in his good days had a questionable shot selection.

whats left now is an inefficient high volume shooter who plays PG. you just don´t win with what he can give you at this stage that is why he was not signed yet.

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Speaking of guys who had

Speaking of guys who had talent but haven't made their way back into the NBA... Where did Rashad Mccants go? He was on the up and up in his years in MN until it seemed like he dropped off the face of the earth.

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McCants has same issue as

McCants has same issue as Arenas, he thinks the offense should revolve around him even though he is on the court with other NBA-level players who are better than him. You can handle that type of attitude from a big man to a certain extent because you can just limit their touches. But if a guard wants to call their own number, you really can't stop them. They can also do this move, which is my all time "I hate it" move. And this happens all the time. When one guard or wing has the ball on the perimeter, the other guard (the one who really wants the ball and wants to take over), he just steps back about ten feet behind the three point line. Now the guy guarding him can slide over and double the perimiter with the ball or play passing lanes or whatever. Basically the offense is left in a half course set playing 4 on 5. So the offense has no choice but to pass the ball to the ball hogging guard who is standing 40 feet from the basket because he has basically indicated that he isn't playing any offense until he gets the ball. I hate that move and lots of ball hogging guards do it all the time when they want to take over the offense.

Tracy McGrady is a great example of a scoring guard who has now reinvented himself as an effective second team leader. Arenas needs to watch some Hawk games and figure out that that is what he needs to do if he wants to be back in the league.

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