where they goin...?

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where they goin...?

a lot of trade rumors the past few months....with more than a few of the same players....nobodys really sure if the whole carmelo deal is still brewing or what...but beyond that...out of the handful of guys whos name have been heavy in the trade rumors for some times now...which ones are sure to be dealt before the deadline you think...and to where/for whom?

-troy murphy

-rip hamilton

-chris kaman

-sam dalembert

-andre iguodala

anyone else i might have missed?

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Iggy stays with Philly unless

Iggy stays with Philly unless they get a really good offer as they are in the play off mix now and the team has improved quite a bit on last year.

Troy Murphy may be brought out or goes as an FA below MLE in the summer to any number of contenders. The Knicks perhaps, Donnie Walsh connection and he can score so would fit the D'Antoni system, bench role maybe somewhere like Atlanta who may want a bit of depth or even Orlando.

Sam Dalembert will again get MLE type offers, Miami maybe want a younger C so may look at him, after all the better Front Court FA's have made their moves, Big Sam may be looked at as a good replacement by a number of teams. The Kings may ask him to stay on to help mentor the likes of Cousins or he could be an option for a team looking for a proven C to give their frontcourt depth, Toronto and Charlotte sprang to mind.

Chris Kaman may well be traded on maybe with a pick to give the Clippers better roster depth or for a more durable veteran C.

Rip Hamilton would be very costly to buy out as he is guaranteed $21 out of $25 million due over the next two seasons and if you guess his market value may be MLE or a bit above then Rip would surely want a buyout of at least $10 to $12 million. He needs to get back into rotation otherwise I cannot see him going anywhere as he'll be unable to showcase himself. After the Melo trade fell through, unless Detroit took another bad contract or a problem player then I cannot see an obvious trade for him.

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