Where do these rookies rank?

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Where do these rookies rank?

After the NBA Draft, the top 3 players at each position were:

PG: Wall, Bledsoe, Vasquez

SG: Turner, Henry, Anderson

SF: Johnson, Aminu, Hayward

PF: Griffin, Favors, Monroe

C: Cousins, Aldrich, Whiteside

Who are the top 3 in rookie rankings now?
Here are mine..

PG: Wall, Bledsoe, Smith

SG: Fields, Turner, Johnson

SF: Forbes, Aminu, George

PF: Griffin, Favors, Splitter

C: Cousins, Monroe, Asik

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yeah it's pretty clear at

yeah it's pretty clear at every position..and like last year i still think Aminu is a better pro prospect than Wes and has a potential to end up as a top5 guy from this class.

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I think that Bledsoe is

I think that Bledsoe is similiar to Collison last year, as they were both point guards who due to injuries to the starting point guards of their repective teams were able to step in and suprise alot of experts with their stellar play.

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im a fan of landry fields and

im a fan of landry fields and gary forbes...guys that weren't highly touted but use their intangibles to help their teams...

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