Where can I watch Orlando Summer League?

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Where can I watch Orlando Summer League?

Does anybody know a link or a site where I can watch the Orlando Summer League? I don't want have to pay a cent for it, and I don't have NBATV either. I looked all over the Magic's website and could not find a thing. I would love to watch it to see how good two Jazz players are, Tadija Dragicevic and newly drafted Gordon Hayward. As well as keep me entertained over the summer.

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Offline dude its only 9 dude its only 9 bucks and if you miss a game you get to replay it whenever you want.

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It will be on the magic sites

It will be on the magic sites soon

Also, you will laugh the whole game. Dante and Galante are funny.

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Dante and Galante are funny

Dante and Galante are funny as hell. They blatantly diss Summer League.

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