What's Next?

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What's Next?

My favorite team is the Celtics. I think they have had a great season, but i was wondering what the future holds for them. TheBig 3 are all past their prime and it appears they are running out of gas. Rondo is emerging as an elite point guard, possibly one of the best rebounding players (not just point guards) in the Nba and Davis and Perkins have proven that they can be starters. But it seems to me this team will have a hard time competing with the hawks, cavs, bulls, and magic, who all have young stars. So i was wondering what you guys think they should do this offseason to improve their team. Possibly trade Ray Allen and a future 1st round pick for a young star or possibly a high first round pick this year. I am not sure what they should do, that is why i'm asking for you guys to respond. thanks

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Yeah I am a Celtics fan too (along with the 76ers). I've been thinking about this teams future and it is really hard to assess.
1. Will they sign Leon Powe or Glen Davis? I don't know which one they'll sign because I really doubt they can sign both.
2. Age: I can see that Pierce is getting old. I wouldn't have said this last year, I would've though 4 more good years for him but now I only see 2 good years. The big 3 can't last the entire season. This makes me worried seeing what happened to the Spurs this year.
3. The Bench: When I look to the bench I only see 2 guys taking over and starting for one of the big 3. Bill Walker certainly has the potential to replace Paul Pierce in his old age, he just needs to work on his shooting. The other is Glen Davis who obviously proved at the end of the season of what he is capable of. Leon Powe could work too he seems like he could be a Carl Landry type power forward.
4. Problem: They don't have a first round draft pick. The fact that this is a "weak" draft may mean that seems want to trade out of it. I would say this is an ideal time for them to inject youth with potential. I would really like them to get BJ Mullens. I know that Assistant Coach Clifford Ray could make him a great big man. He's taken Perkins and made him a legitimate starting center. On any other team Perk would've been a bust.

What do you think?

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76er Baller

How do u like the sixers and the C's? there in the same dvision.
Thats just not an NBA fan.

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