What would you do?

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What would you do?

Most of us on this site would agree that David Kahn is a moron. And most of us think that we could do a better job with the Wolves than Kahn. So, if you were in Kahn's situation tonight what would you do?

Who would you pick or what kind of moves would you make?

And who would you get for a head coach?

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Draft Kanter and play with a

Draft Kanter and play with a lineup of Rubio, Johnson, Beasley, Love, and Kanter

Hire Jeff Van Gundy


Trade #2 to the Pacers for #15 and Hibbert, draft Burks at 15, and go Rubio, Johnson, Beasley, Love, Hibbert

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I don't think the Pacers would trade Hibbert and the 15 just for Derrick Williams. They would have no center except Jeff "The Great White Joke" Foster and at PF they already have Hansbrough and perhaps McRoberts.

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Who knows what deal will come

Who knows what deal will come up but I'd say take Williams at 2 and see what happens there is a long time until next season, new labour rules etc. Holding a young prospect will give him draft leverage.

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eric musselman or sam mitchell

and kahn is not a moron hes one of the best in the biz

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