What was T Rob thinking????

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What was T Rob thinking????

Thomas Robinson just elbowed Jonas Jerebko in the throat and was ejected, vicious foul. I'm a big T Rob fan but that was just uncalled for. He could have seriously hurt him, first Jerebko gets hit in the eye and then elbowed very hard and gets knocked down, stupid mistake by T Rob, I'm sure he's gonna regret that after being suspended 1 or 2 games, stupid move kid.....

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I knew Cousins and Robinson

I knew Cousins and Robinson would be a physical combination but this is unnecessary.

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bad move by

bad move by moves on

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Jerebko got RonArtest'd

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I am a huge Jhawk fan but this is way way uncalled for. So out of his charictor. He has always played hard but clean. Not good.

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I'm Shocked T-Rob did that.

I'm Shocked T-Rob did that. Jonas Jerebko was holding onto him, but at the most T-Rob should have just turned around push and said get off me dude. Let's see how the the NBA handles this, since Artest did this in the Playoffs. It won't look good if he recieves more time than Artest got.

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He was frustrated. But this

He was frustrated. But this kid has to understand how powerful he is.. Can't be doing this it's just straight dangerous

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He wasn't. That's the

He wasn't. That's the problem.

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T-Rob is probably just

T-Rob is probably just getting frustrated. Guys who he doesn't consider nearly his athletic equal are getting phsyical with him and making it hard for him to score. And then you have the disfunctional aspect of the team he is one which most really wear on him every day in practice and the games. Sacramento is not a happy place and they've drafted a young PF who is having the expected tough transition to the NBA.

Should be a week suspension. Not much more than that since this is not a repeat offender

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Ignorant comment.

Ignorant comment.

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3-9 how is that a flop, he


how is that a flop, he got hit right in the throat. You can actually die from being hit in the throat, if you are hit in your adams apple and it breaks you can die. He clearly was trying to avoid getting hit in the face hence why he was leaning back and got hit in the throat and lost his breath. Let me elbow you in the throat like that and lets see how fast you go down

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You can kill someone by hitting them in the adams apple, breaking wind pipe and restricting breathing pathways.

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He's a guy who was pissed

He's a guy who was pissed during Summer League, for losing. It's going to be a long year for T-Rob. I knew he'd have a slower time adjusting, but he's gotta keep his head on straight. He was probably having his best game, as a pro, before getting booted, and he had to miss out on sealing the King's first victory, hopefully he learned his lesson.

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he is...

ron artest's protegé lol but in all seriousness that was horible it is ashame to see things like this in the nba. some of these things can really end someone's career...i still remember ariza's vicious elbow attempt on derozan 2-3 years back and had he connected, derozan's career could have ended rght there and then.

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Come on T Rob you're better

Come on T Rob you're better than that. He's gone for at least 5.

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Knowing him personally he

Knowing him personally he takes things too serious and he not use to losing yet so the answer would be frustration

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But they were winning... I

But they were winning... I doubt he takes the frustration of a few losses and takes it out on a guy when they are going to win.

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he grabbed him, Thomas got

he grabbed him, Thomas got angry for it and bump (maybe even Thomas thought 'ups why i did it') he didn't argue and left out IT HAPPENS..i dont see a scandal..

NBA is just soft, in today's game guy like let's say Barkley would miss half of the season because of elbows pushes bumps and so on and

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