WHAT VET does Minnesota needs?

too many young talent they need to make a trade here some of the vets i think makes sense


2. chris bosh

3. monta ellis

4. rip hamilton

5. gilbert arenas

holla at me

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monta ellis

Monta would be a great pick he would do so many great things for this team. They would have a go to guy who could get to the basket at will, facilitate, handle the ball, and create turnovers. Also they would finally have a true star that is a vet who could provide some leadership.

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who would minny give up

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They should re-acquire the

They should re-acquire the custodian for veteran leadership

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I think we go after Battier

I think we go after Battier or my preference Deshawn Stevenson. Both fit the mold of what Khan is looking for defensive minded vets with some toughness and leadership abilities! We prolly will package something along the lines of Pek,Webster,Tolliver,Ellington and Miller for a semi decent vet big man.

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unlikely but if they had the chance...

I'd go with a guy like Chandler. Veteran, great on defense and has been on both losers + winners. They already have guys who can put points on the board, so adding a guy like this that will not allow for them to relax on defense would be great on the young guys. ppl say kevin loves weakness is that hes a little bit slow for pfs and therefore is liability on defense. chandler could be that last line of defense and help alter shots. He is a player who doesnt demand shots on offense so the young guys could continue to develop their games and have confidence putting shots knowing that love n chandler are under the net fighting for rebounds

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