What Tbe Clippers Should Do

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What Tbe Clippers Should Do

If the LA Clippers wants to draft either Blake Griffin or Ricky Rubio, they have to make a trade because Zach Randolph and Baron Davis, are both at their respective positions. I personally feel they should go with Blake Griffin, because Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Al Thornton, Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, and Griffin would make an electrifying fast breaking team, while if they went with Rubio and traded Baron Davis, Zach Randolph, would look out of place, in a fast breaking setting, he's more a half court, type of player. If the Clips go with Griffin, I think they should trade Zach Randolph, a future second round pick, and cash considerations, to the New Jersey Nets, for Yi Jianlian, Bobby Simmons, and Trenton Hassell. The Nets are reported to be looking for a starting caliber power forward, who will provide some grit and tougness, playing alongside Brook Lopez, and Randolph will surely provide that. A starting lineup of Brook Lopez, Zach Randolph, (Earl Clark or a possible free agent signee), Vince Carter, and Devin Harris, would make a great starting lineup for the Nets, and push them into the playoffs for the 2010 season. If the Clippers wants to select Rubio, I suggest they trade Baron Davis to the Detroit Pistons, for California native, Tayshaun Prince, and Walter Sharpe. Prince would give the Clips the defensive wing player, they been craving for because defense isn't one of Al Thornton's strong points. The Pistons on the otherhand, is in need of a point guard, a leader, and star player, and Baron Davis provides all of that. Their better off acquiring him, than wasting their money on a weak free agency class, this Summer.

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NOBODY wants randolph. He is

NOBODY wants randolph. He is the PF version of ricky davis. The Clippers are the only team dumb enough to put them both on the same team. He puts up as many shots as he can to raise his stats. He doesn't care if his team wins or losses, as long as he gets his 20 and 10. Add all that to a horrible contract and you have a player only the Clippers would be dumb enough to trade for. Their only chance of getting rid of this guy would be to package him up with the Number 1 pick. Maybe Randolph and the #1 to Toronto for Bosh and #9. Seems like a win win for both teams.

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The year has come...

1. fire Dunleavy
2. fire all the trainners cuz they have not helped players' injuries
3. trade either Randolph or Camby
4. get rid of Ricky Davis
5. develop Eric Gordon into the best pure scorer in the league
6. take the offensive burden off on Al Thorton to improve his fg%
7. give more playing time to Taylor and less to Collins
8. start every game with Griffin as PF
9. make the Lakers jealous of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. relax and waiting to make the playoffs


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Don't forget to play DeAndre

Don't forget to play DeAndre Jordan more, dude has mad game.

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Just Imagine 5 years from now a combo of DJ and Blake Griffin down low!! Wow

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