What should phoenix suns do if hornets keep Eric Gordon?

Can they sign and trade him?

is OJ mayo going to the Knicks or could they go after him?

what about jr smith? courtney lee?

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The Spurs really had their

The Spurs really had their hands tied with what they could do this summer. With no opportunities to make major improvements in a favorable manner, they opted to just keep the band together. It makes sense; after all, last year’s group had some young talent on it that should improve, and guys like Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw, and Patty Mills had very little time to get acclimated to the team’s system.

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“As soon as the season was

“As soon as the season was over, [Thibodeau] just had me in here with him, and we just worked out almost every day, just trying to get ready for the USA,” Gibson said of his preparation for the 2012 USA Men’s Select Team. “I wanted to make a good impression for the USA camp, and he came down and watched every practice. I did a good job, got good feedback, and I feel positive about it.434334

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“It is a process for a

“It is a process for a rookie,” Casey said. “He is not that far behind because the one thing he can do that makes up for a multitude of sins is he can shoot the ball at the end of the day and that’s part of the process too. The other part is you just can’t make a three and give up a three at the other end every possession. He is learning, believe me. This doesn’t mean Terrence Ross is not going to play for us or not a part of it. He is going to be big for us. He is our future, but right now he is just a typical rookie and you could stop every play for him [to teach]. He is learning.

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