What raptors should do

Raptors are going nowhere no matter what they think
So here is scenario that could make them a contender..

So say realistically they stay in where they are in a draft...
They trade Bosh, Kapono, 1st rounder to the Utah Jazz for
Kirlenko, Millsap (say he re signs with them for 5 years at 6-8 mil a year), 1st round draft pick 2nd round draft pick 09 and Jazz's first round in future that is lottery protected (i'm sure the Jazz don't want to give up that New Yorks Pick for next year)

It seems like a steep price for Jazz to pay but they need to change their roster or they will always be a playoff team in the west but nothing more.

For the raptors this helps them get rid of contract of kapono and they will get more for bosh instead of losing him in 2010 which seems more likely then ever.
Also they let go of Marion and use that to sign a starting quality SG (ARTEST)and they draft some depth with the 1st round draft pick which is 20th pick and they can draft someone like terence williams and with the 2nd round draft pick which is at 50th pick overall they can draft someone like jerel mcneal who can play both guard positions
Team lineup would be Calderon-Free Agent SG-Kirlenko-Millsap-Bargnani
with terence williams joey graham jerel mcneal off the bench

For the Jazz this will give them another top post player for Deron Williams to play with other then Boozer.
They can draft starting quality SF in the draft with 9th pick overall someone like chase budinger, earl clark or even draft sg and move ronnie brewere to sf. and they would start boozer and bosh moving okur to the bench. this will give them enough firepower to compete with anyone in the league and would for sure make them a contender right away
Team linup Deron Williams-Ronnie Brewer-Draft Pick 09-Bosh-Boozer
with Okur, CJ miles, Kapono, Kyle Korver, Collins coming off the bench

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i don't know dude, that

i don't know dude, that trade doesn't sound good for the raptors. y would they want to take Kirlenko huge contract. plus i would expect the raptors to want get a top prospect like a beasley if they would consider trading bosh. i honestly feel they should trade bosh, but not for what ur asking for.

word has it that the heats might offer beasley in a package for bosh, that would make a lot more sense then Kirlenko, Millsap. and to top it off u would give up toronto's #9 in the deal to lmao, now that doesn't even make sense. i'm not a raptors fan, in fact i don't care for them a bit, but u got to figure if they would trade bosh they could get back serious talent. not 2 bench players and a couple of protected picks.

and artest isn't going to sign with them, no good players want to play in toronto. sorry, but thats just fact, artest is going to get a ton of offers, y would he sign with the raptors unless they offer him a silly amount of money.

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i hear you with the artest

i hear you with the artest thing i was just throwing it out there as he was the only SG free agent that came to my mind. and not many ppl are gonna have salary space to offer him money... like c'mon memphis? i don't think they'll want artest anyways and okc? i don't think so either... so it really narrows artests option down...

they are trading away 9th pick overall in a Weak draft. for 20th and 50th pick overall
and at 9th i don't think raptors will really get someone they'll want rather tehy'll settle and if that were the case why not when u can get another 1st round draft pick out of it.

i don't know why you think millsap is a bench player same goes for kirlenko seeing as kirlenko was a former all star who just isn't fittin in right now he was a stat filler back in the day and is still quality defender and can easily replace marion. also millsap is all hustle who raptors really need if u ever have watched them play...

not to mentino raptors will finally be getting rid of that &$#%#&@! contract of kaponos and if not jazz can throw in morris almond who i still see as a quality player and it'll work under salary cap. and it will still leave plenty of room for raps to get a quality sg free agent

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other trade partners

i could see the raps trading bosh to other teams like charlotte, chicago, dallas, golden state, clippers, memphis, oklahoma, or washington

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he could be traded anywhere,

he could be traded anywhere, but if a team trades for him they r going to do it on the basis that they think they can resign him. but to think charlotte, oklahoma or washington would be a contender for bosh then ur just thinking silly. those teams don't got the money to sign bosh. what is oklahoma going to do trade for bosh, sign him to a sickly huge deal and not have any money to resign durant or westbrook when the time comes?

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