What NBA or College players have you played against?

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Dominic Archie has dumb

Dominic Archie has dumb hops...

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luke walton
david lee james white micheal beasley kevin durant ty lawson juan dixon joe smith chris wilcox ron artest troy murphey steve francis roger mason baby shaq (and 1) paul millsap deron williams carlos boozer cj miles delonte west sam cassell aron mckie jerome kersey randy moss alonzo mourning patrick ewing jr allen iverson jerome (junk yard dog) williams othello harrington lance allred marquis daniels kenny smith and i think thats it...alot more european players though

how good were these guys, like baby shaq, dixon, harrington, allred, ewing jr.?

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baby shaq is a beast..he got

baby shaq is a beast..he got mvp of the summer leauge down in barry farms in dc( where im from)..ewight jr is pretty good..jumps out the gym..dixon is fast good shot..alot like stephen curry but smaller..harrington at the time was a animal..grabbed every rebound ..allred is pretty good..i can understand why he gets pick up in the nba

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Very Neat

Very cool stories. I was surprised by the number of gifted athletes some of you all have played/seen play. It must be cool to be able to go to the YMCA or a local court and have NBA players show up.

It must be cool to have played at KU's campus when they had solid/NBA potential players.

My two years at UK was spent with some not so NBA-type players. If only I had one more year left, I could be running with Wall or Bledsoe.

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from GA

i played against jody meeks, lou williams(who i thought was ht enext iverson the way he wooped our a$$), toney douglas(dropped 42 on us), al thornton(cousin), lil romeo(sucks), and nick calathes. Brandon Knight is also a star tho he's in high school.

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I went to VCU, when Jeff

I went to VCU, when Jeff Capel was coach there he would play in pick up games, played against a scronny freshman Eric Maynor.

Random story: Charles Barkley was spotted running on the treadmill at our gym, very random.

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