What if Myck Kabango....?

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What if Myck Kabango....?

I know its only been 5 games since Kabango has been back but I can't help but think how high might he have been in the draft boards if he was eligible since the start of the season. In my opinion I think he could be competition for Trey Burke for top point guard in the nation. So far in the 5 games he has played he is averaging 18.6 points and 4.4 assists and rebounds. He should defiantly stay another year.

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Honestly, the suspension really hurt his draft stock. Texas is in no position to make the tourney, so he has missed another chance to impress the scouts. I would compare him to a Marcus Teague. He probably will slip to late first round or 2nd rd, which in the long run could be a great steal for the team that drafts him. But right now he is such an unknown that as a NBA team you have to consider him a risk at this point in the draft process.
As long as he gets drafted and has a fair shot on an NBA team, I think he will be able to carve out a spot for himself in the NBA for a long time.

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i think it hurt his draft

i think it hurt his draft stock too but i mean he can definitely redeem himself. he is doing pretty well in doing so thus far. Cant wait to see how it will play out

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i was just checking his stats

i was just checking his stats out yesterday after seeing his photo on the main page and was wondering if anyone has gotten a chance to watch him play? his numbers look great so far but stats can be deceiving. Did he improve on what were considered his weaknesses? i read that he had put on some muscle and been working on his jumpshot.

If that is true then he definitely has a shot at being a mid first round pick. he was considered a late 1st rounder last year due to potential and if hes improved a lot of the things that wouldve held him back in the nba (weight and jumpshot), his stock should too. if you look at the this years draft, smart is a combo but he'll go high, MCW has been struggling of late and trey burke for some reason does not get enough love.

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He looks stronger and his

He looks stronger and his jump shot is much improved. He was on fire in the Oklahoma game but he was actually looking for his jumper and hit 2 3's. He was also 2-4 from downtown the previous game against KSU. He is shooting 75% from the FT line so far which is also an improvement albeit in a small sample size. The guy really looks like the real deal to me and I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the best PG prospect currently in the NCAA.

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He put on about 10 lbs of

He put on about 10 lbs of muscle which is helping him finish. He gets to the rim with so much ease, but he used to rely on flopping to get to the line. He still has a flop game, but he is finishing better this yr. His jumper looks the same to me. He has the same mechanical flaws and the same tendency to cut off his follow through. I don't think he'll be a good shooter from deep with those tendencies.

I'd still take him in the first round. He might've been suspended, but his game wasn't. I think if he went through the draft process he'd still go in the first. His physical tools are very good for the position. He's skilled and has very high intangibles.

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He looks really really good.

He looks really really good. He's being outplaying Marcus smart this game.

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TO doesn't have a first

TO doesn't have a first rounder, but I can see them looking to possibly but a late first rounder to bring the Canadian home. They need a backup pg for now, and although better now, their relationship with Lowry was weak during the beginning of the year.

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