What if Andrew Harrison grew one more inch?

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What if Andrew Harrison grew one more inch?

"The Brother of Aaron Harrison ... Measured 6'5 (in shoes) 214 lbs, with a 6'8 wingspan at the 2012 Deron Williams Skills Academy"


i am convinced this kid is not a pg/sg, he can play the point day in and day out. excellent handles with supreme fluidity and feel for passing, always got his head up.

anyway, if he grew one more inch do you think that could put him over the top of say jabari? think he would be around 6'6 with potential to be a legit NBA PG, (not ala kyle anderson).... imo he would still be able to potentially defend NBA PGs.

at 6'6 that would make him a huge matchup problem.

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I don't think 1 inch in

I don't think 1 inch in height is the difference between him being #1 in his class or not. What would that extra inch enable him to do that he couldn't do at 6'5? He already has a tremendous size advantage at the PG position. He can see over his defender easily. Would he be able to see over the defense even more?? IMO, if you think he's #1 in his class at 6'6, then he'd be #1 in his class at 6'5.

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6'5" is well above average

6'5" is well above average for a point guard. The one inch means almost nothing for him. He is already a big PG. he would just be a bigger point guard then. The extra inch would help if he is guarding 2's but even at 6'5" he has good enough size to guard them as well.

So, IMO, no 1 inch doesn't make him any more intriguing than he already is as a prospect.

Not related to the question but I live in Houston so I hope I can catch a few of their games this year. :)

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Yea but added length would

Yea but added length would make him a even better defender tho, especially for those fast guards

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With a 6'8 wingspan, I think his length is great as is.

I think he'll be able to guard the 1 and 2.

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Doing too much..

"What if all the rain drops were candy drops and gum drops, oh what a world that would be..."

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He would

He would be 6'6.

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well, the answer is simple,

well, the answer is simple, he would be 6'6 as opposed to 6'5 my friend.

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is overrated..if u really research half of nba players are "undersized"(60 % of pfs atleast.and alot of sgs now are also at 6.3-6-4) it doestn matter if you're a baller

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