What happened?

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What happened?

What happened to Josh Selby? He was getting super hyped because of the time he missed and really showed up his first few games but since then he has done virtually nothing.Over his last 6 games he is only averaging a little bit over 16 minutes per game while going 9/34 (26.5%) and averaging 4.3 ppg. He was my favorite player coming into the year (still is) but what's up? Also he seems to be relying on his jump shot quite a bit, and doesn't look like he's this super athlete anymore.

I know he doesn't fit great in Kansas' system and might be more made for the pro game. Also where do you think his stock is right now? Has he dropped to late first? Second?

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A couple things for Selby

A couple things for Selby

Selby isn't a point guard. He's a undersized shooting guard who probably needs the basketball more then he should. I feel what Kansas is missing is a lead point guard and a small forward. Kansas plays inside out and once they get into a groove, they began to shoot alot of 3's. The Morris Twins, as well as Thomas Robinson allow Kansas to go inside, which means the guards aren't getting the reps needed to be considered consistant. I think overall, Selby might go back to school and should benefit if this team can recruit a point guard and a consistant wing player to make the offense more balanced.

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I questioned him early

He did not look like a PG to me and his shot is there then it's not.

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He looked shaky today against the press. I think with Reed, Morningstar , Taylor and the emergance of Elijah Johnson , Slef has gone more with experience. Also Kansas plays a team style offense as opposed to a one player domanated system. I think he should return next year with players leaving he will have a better oppertunity to showcase his talents. What I really do like is that it looks like he is still having fun and has bought into the "team" concept which is all about wins not stats. Not easy to do for a kid this highly ranked.

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