What does Brooklyn need?

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What does Brooklyn need?

I'm loving what im seeing from DWill right now at this point in the season. He was down at 1st and people were knocking him and saying he's done but y'all know when you have a fav player injuries and things will help you lose trash talk to your buddies about the best point guards. Anyway Lopez is playing great this year and Reggie Evans and and ray Blatche are contributing well this season. I'm a little iffy about joe Johnson though and Gerald Wallace has been absolutely terrible. I wish we could move him but I don't think we could get rid of his contract honestly. What does Brooklyn have to do to become serious contenders because the current squad is okay but I don't see them seriously competing with the bulls with rose, the heat, or the Knicks with this current roster

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A younger Gerald Wallace!!!

A younger Gerald Wallace!!!

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I was going to say a time

I was going to say a time machine so they can undo the idiocy of trading a lottery pick that became Damian Lillard for Gerald Wallace. I just hope that for the Nets sake that they aren't stuck in the middle of the pack in the East when players taken with their picks blossom into superstardom and dominate the league. So far the Nets have given up Derrick Favors, two lottery picks that became Enis Kanter and Damian Lillard.

In the draft or the off season the Nets need to get a hold of a young small forward because at this rate Gerald Wallace may be completely useless before we know it. They spent so much money this past off season though that I don't see them being able to really bring anyone new in who isn't a draft pick or part of a trade. The other issue is the guys they likely want to trade, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries, aren't worth as much as their contracts. Andray Blatche will be a free agent and I imagine he'll be looking for more than the minimum next season.

The Nets are at least fortunate to have to all star level players in Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. As long as they keep improving and stay healthy the Nets should be a playoff team.

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I agree we need to off

I agree we need to off Wallace. Joe Johnson is not a problem for me, he closes out games when we need him to. I think we could upgrade our bench and give MarShon more burn.

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Brooklyn needs a GM even

Brooklyn needs a GM even dumber than Billy King that they can dump Wallace and Johnson's contracts on.

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To be as honest as I can be i don't know because they have everything you could want like a elite PG , a all star center a top 2 guard and a rebounding monster not to mention depth. But having all that they still don't seem like a team you believe are gonna make noise. ..consistency is probably their biggest "need"

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What I think Brooklyn needs is a 3 that is able to score. Let's be honest Gerald Wallace is not a scoring 3 man, he's a solid defender and rebounder who hustles and has all the intagibles. Also I think a 4 man that could step out and hit a couple of shots would go a long way as well. With Brook Lopez playing at a great level if you have Reggie Evans/Kris Humphries next to him, there man can go double team Brook because they are not a scoring threat. If you have a 4 man that is able to step out and knock down a couple of shots then that would give Brook a lot more 1 on 1 opportunities on the block and then if they go double down kick out for the 3 pointer.

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See I don't understand why

See I don't understand why Hump got such a raw deal this yr. Has he really been that bad? Evans is obviously a really good rebounder, but he doesn't balance out the lineup. Hump is a good rebounder in his own right (11+ per 36 for his career) and he can stick the open mid-range jumper. Last yr he hit mid range jumpers at a 41% clip which is above average for a PF.
Is he really that bad defensively, because his synergy stats say that he's not.

Anyways, I think their answer is a 2 guard. An athletic one who can defend, function without the ball in his hands and hit open jumpers. Someone like Gary Harris would be perfect for them should he declare. Then I'd move Gerald Wallace to the bench. He's garbo. Too bad they can't amnesty him.

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Well what they need is Lebron

Well what they need is Lebron James. But that isn't going to happen. So I will give you a few things.

First, they have actually solved a lot of their problems already. You kind of have to throw the first half of the season out the door. So all that talk about how they haven't beaten good teams is all historical nonsense. The team has changed a lot over the last two months. First, DWill got healthy and is playing like an All Star PG. This is huge. It is as simple as that. It is like they traded an average PG for an All Star. Second, the lineup got worked out. Reggie Evans replaced Mirza Teletovic and took minutes from Stackhouse and Bogans. Reggie became the starter, Hump is the backup and Teletovic doesn't play. Bogans plays less, Stackhouse plays less and the Nets stay big for longer stretches of the game. Teletovic has talent and was good in Europe but he has not found the NBA range for his jumper yet or acclimated to defending NBA players. He has basically been terrible all year but was often getting 20 minutes a game. And Stack has also been pretty bad. He should be providing lockeroom leadership (which I believe he has (see Andray Blatche's play)) and that is it at this point in his career.

So the rotation has finally worked itself out. This was no easy task because lets face it neither Avery Johnson or PJ are great coaching minds. But PJ has finally figured out he should play his elite rebounding and all hustle PF with his poor rebounding but hugely skilled center. The result is a highly effective one-two punch that is killing teams that can't match the size. Third Reggie has been playing out of his mind. He is rebounding at a historic rate (basically only Rodman has ever rebounded better). This isn't really that much higher than his career rebounding rate, but most teams won't give him the minutes to really impact the game. He is getting the minutes and the Nets are consistently winning the battle of the boards.

So setting aside the Heat, I really don't see any reason why the Nets can't beat either the Knicks or the Bulls in a playoff series or in fact any of the East Coast teams. Or they might lose in the first round. Basically all these teams seem about on an equal footing to me.

What can they do to get better? Wallace needs to play better. This is probably just a slump. Yes he is getting a little older and slower, but if you see the chase down blocks from behind that he still does regularly, then I think you have to agree he still has enough athleticism. His jumper has just been broke. And he keeps missing layups. It is probably just a slump, though it may last as long as the rest of the season. Alternatively, they can just bench Wallace and play Bogans. Bogans is fine. They can also play Marshon at SF if they wanted. I don't think they have started any games like that, but they certainly play Marshon and JJ at the same time and either one of them is big enough to be the SF. That is especially the case when you have the beef of the Nets Centers and PFs. What Avery and PJ did in the past was to play those guys and put Wallace at PF, so the team was small all around. But PJ has said he is going with size and accepting that the team is about being big. They can even play Lopez and Blatche together for a twin tower effect.

The other thing they can do is just wait and watch Brook Lopez get better. He is young and definitely not in his prime. Barring injury he should improve steadily for the next two or three years. Marshon is also playing better this year and will get better just by getting experience. He is a little upset with his playing time, especially since he is playing much better than Wallace but still not getting minutes. If Marshon was starting he could easily match JJ's points per game, I believe. And there is no reason why JJ couldn't be moved to SF and Marshon start at SG. I bet that level of responsibility would inspire Marshon to be more disciplined in his game. He has fantastic scoring move and I'm becoming much more of fan.

So even though the team is capped out there are ways to improve. And besides, they are in 4th place in their first year together. They will know each other's game better next year and only JJ is really getting old and is someone they rely on.

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They basically are maxed out

They basically are maxed out right now as a 4 seed. They will have no money to spend for the next 3-4 years, as Wallace and Johnson continue to get worse and Williams continues to not get any younger.

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The one thing that Coach

The one thing that Coach Carlesimo has always been noted for is having a good rebounding team but I do wonder if he will take the Nets forward longer term or whether the Russian owners may look for a bigger name. PJ Carlesimo has always struck me as a very good assistant Coach which might be a better role for him going forward as he'd be an excellent foil to a top coach.

Money seems no object to the owner and if the team can have some play off success, it will help pay the luxury tax bill. But I agree that they are maybe maxed out as 4th/5th seeds out East and may almost be like the Atlanta team of the last few years - win near to 50 games, maybe a play off series but never look legit contenders.

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They need an upgrade at small

They need an upgrade at small forward. Like pretty much everyone has suggested. I think a guy like Jamal Franklin could be a really good fit and a guy who wouldn't be too much of a reach in the early to mid 20's. This isn't going to make them a contender, but adding Franklin would bring a young athletic glue guy to do some of what Wallace used to do when he was younger.

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