What about Sacramento?

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What about Sacramento?

They just had a great draft and have some money to spend. Are they looking at guys like a Mike Miller and such?

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here's my wishlist as a

here's my wishlist as a sacramento kings fan;
jj reddick
kyle korver
kyle lowry
raymond felton

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I like jj redick because he'd

I like jj redick because he'd be a great guard to have alongside tyreke. He can move without the ball, he can handle pretty well, he shoots lights out, and he's always where he should be on defense. Nate robinson would be nice to have as an energy guy off the bench. Kirk hinrich would be great also.

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For me Redick has got to be

For me Redick has got to be the number one target. He has proved his mettle as a valuable piece to a championship caliber team. He would be an absolutely perfect compliment to Tyreke, and Cousins. I would also argue that Redick may actually have some upside left, despite his age and lack of athleticism. Rythem is very important to shooters, and playing sporadic minutes can screw that up a bit. He would surely get the more minutes in Sac than Orlando, and would imo have a career year next season if he were to be a King. Maybe...15,4,and 3

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I've thought Felton would be

I've thought Felton would be a great fit for them for a couple years now. With all the frontcourt depth they added on draft day, I think they should pursue him before someone else does and start moving towards the playoffs.

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Mike Miller won't sign with

Mike Miller won't sign with the Kings, he will probably go to a contender.

I'm hoping for JJ Redick as well, although as a RFA it will be difficult to pry him from Orlando

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Thats a very held back

Thats a very held back wishlist...I would be more serious in chasing Rudy Gay as a first priority.Dorell Wright fits in amazingly to this system as well as Ronnie Brewer.Shore noone will be mad with JJ or Lowry but dude go all in!

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I think they will work the

I think they will work the old cap-and-trade scheme. It will only come back to bite them if they decide to overpay someone like Redick or Korver to be a specialist. I think they ought to wait for a cap-strapped team to look to shed salary and get their shooter with a pick to sweeten the deal. They might be able to come away to Peja, Kapono, Pietrus, Dunleavy, or Azubuike and not have to invest the years.

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I thought David Lee would be

I thought David Lee would be good for Sacramento. They need just one more big.

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Azubuike makes a lot of sense in this set up.

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