Westphal's interview about Cousins problem

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Westphal's interview about Cousins problem

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often bad guys are only bad

often bad guys are only bad guys under bad coaches. i hope thats the issue here because a lot of talent can be wasted.

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Exactly hubhub

As I keep saying there have been others with attitude and immaturity problems that have grown under a coaches leadership. They don't go and bully people through the media like this guy Westphal. Everybody by expressed their distaste in how the offense is ran right now. Including Reke himself, its just how Demarcus Cousins went about it. You have to do what the coach asks of you until he's out of there though.

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This is such a childish

This is such a childish fight. Westphal keeps putting the blame on Cousins. Cousins keeps putting the blame on Westphal. They both just need to cool off, have a meeting with the owner discussing the future, and get back to playing basketball. It's not up to Westphal what the team does with Cousins in terms of a trade. What he needs is to be just an assistant coach somewhere where a real and good coach is making the decisions about the players.

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This guy needs to go.

This guy needs to go.

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It can all go away if

the Kings win their back to back to back this week.

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Cousins' childish behavior causes Westphal to be childish in handling this situation as well.. I just don't see why he has to mouth all up in front the media that "Cousins demands a trade"... I just think it's too immature on his part too... I would have dealt it with level of discreetness... This is insane on BOTH their sides, it's pathetic...
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