Western Conference Playoff Predictions

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Western Conference Playoff Predictions

(1) Spurs vs. (8) Grizzlies - My Pick: Spurs (4-3). The Spurs have trouble with the one-two combo down low with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. It's a fun series, and we realize just how tough the Memphis Grizzlies can be, and how they still have room to improve in the upcoming 2011 NBA draft. Tim Duncan will struggle, but so will O.J. Mayo. The Grizz will take a 3-2 series lead on the west-winning Spurs, but they will get it together and win the final two games.

(4) Thunder vs. (5) Nuggets - My Pick: Thunder (4-2). The Nuggets are a tough team. They have a lot of depth, thus many players will get a lot of playing time. J.R. Smith and Ty Lawson will perform very well, but in the end, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the toughness of Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka will result in a triumphant series for the young Thunder.

(3) Mavericks vs. (6) Trail Blazers - My Pick: Mavs (4-3). Another good series going to seven games. Gerald Wallace will star in this series. He will have star performances in all but the last game. A good series for LaMarcus Aldridge as well. But, Brandon Roy struggles, and Dirk Nowitzki shines as the Mavericks win game 7.

(2) Lakers vs. (7) Hornets - My Pick: Lakers (4-1). The Lakers are too strong to quit in the first round. The Hornets look terrible without David West. They only win one game in L.A., because Chris Paul has a stellar performance, with about 33 points and 8 assists. Other than that, Lakers dominate.


(1) Spurs vs. (4) Thunder - My Pick: Thunder (4-2). The Thunder show exactly what they are made of here. They are young and talented. I believe Duncan struggles again against Kendrick Perkins. Durant shines as no one can guard him. Westbrook and Tony Parker look equally as good, and Manu doesn't look very good. Another disappointing end to the Spurs' season, but the Thunder are for real, and they proved it here.

(2) Lakers vs. (3) Mavericks - My Pick: Lakers (4-3). It comes down to home court advantage in this one. Both teams win all of their games at home. Dirk looks brilliant at home, but struggles with the noise of the Staples center. Kobe really shines in this series, and Ron Artest finally breaks out and hasa good game 7 in L.A. scoring 20 points and recording 7 rebounds.


(2) Lakers vs. (4) Thunder - My Pick: Thunder (4-3). Unbelieveable series for the Thunder. Kevin Durant does it all, through seven games, he averages close to 35 points, and they dominate the Lakers in L.A. in game 7 of the Western Conferance Finals. They win 119-90. Kobestruggles, and after the game is over, he complains about the lack of effort from everyone other than him, coach Phil Jackson, and Pau Gasol. He calls everyone's effort pathetic, and really takes to this loss, as he wanted to three-peat for Phil Jackson, but it just does not happen.

The Thunder are going to the NBA Finals!!!

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i think people are sleeping

i think people are sleeping on the spurs. memphis is a good team but if ginobili is healthy, i think that series is over in 5.

denver vs okc- okc wins in 6, they have the 2 best players in the series.

la vs new orleans- la sweeps no, they arent going to mess around and give people something to talk about

dal vs portland- i think it is a good series going 6 or 7 but i think dallas pulls it out. they have been money when they are healthy.

okc v sas- the spurs play okc tough. i think the spurs win this series as well. it will be a 6 game series. and san antonio will lock in defensively.

la v dallas- i think this is a fun series with lakers winning in 6. kobe will finish atleast 3 of these games with game winners or free throws. close series.

la laker vs spurs- this one is kind of tough but i think san antonios last championship push ends here. lakers in a low scoring series 4 2.

now this does not reflect what i want to see as a fan but what i do think will pan out.

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My predictions for the Western Conference Playoffs
  • Spurs beat Grizzlies 4 games to 1
  • OKC beats Nuggets 4 games to 3
  • Lakers sweep Hornets
  • Blazers beat Mavs 4 games to 3

Round 2

  • OKC beats Spurs 4 games to 3
  • Lakers beat Blazers 4 games to 1

Western Conference Finals

Lakers beat OKC 4 games to 2 (after two tough 7 game series, OKC is worn down and Lakers finish them off. Thunder make it tough but in the end, 2 tough 7 game series takes a toll on the team)

Lakers are in the Finals ready to three-peat against the Bulls. Phil Jackson coaches his final Finals series against his former team.

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