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Thunder need to trade him for a willing passer.

They should go after Chris Paul because everybody know he is not going to resign with the Hornets. He will make everybody better even Kevin Durant

Westbrook,2 first round draft pick, second round draft pick,and Thabo Sefolosha for Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza

What do yall think they should do

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not do that trade...thats

not do that trade...thats what...

westbrook is 22, why so quick to move him after he averaged 22 and 8 this season? makes little cant blame the thunders loss on westbrook, durant is playing like hes uninterested, and ibaka keeps shooting 20 footers...

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Why? When he's improved every


When he's improved every year?

Yes he starting to think he's superman a little too much, but why trade him when he's arguably a top 3-5 PG?

Why trade him when he's a terror on the defensive end, and plays as hard as anybody in the league and NEVER gives up on plays.

He's only been playing the point for 3 years at the highest level, and he improves each year.

No need to trade him

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DO NOT TRADE WESTBROOK! You will regret it. Tell me about the idea ten years from now, you will see how the Thunder become a championship teamWITH russell westbrook

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Dumb Idea

Look I know that Chris Paul is a dedicated passer, and is also a good scorer, and he'd help Durant a lot, but this is just a bad idea. Everybody in OKC loves Westbrook, and he's a top 5 point guard in the NBA already. He has a lot of leadership in OKC, and if you ask me, he fits better with Durant than Paul would. In late game situations Paul would just pass off to Durant and hope he makes it happen. Westbrook takes some of these shots because he's talented, and he is just as capable as Kevin Durant of hitting them. Sometimes when Durant struggles, Westbrook is always there to pick up the slack, and i'm not sure if CP3 could do it as well as Westbrook. Westbrook is also a very good defensive player and he can pull down a lot of rebounds for his size. Bad trade idea.

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