Westbrook and Durant

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Westbrook and Durant

This is something I have observed from seeing box scores. It seems in a lot of games Russell Westbrook shoots more than KD. Last 3 games KD has taken 19, 16 and 12 shots vs Westbrooks 20, 22 and 11 shots. How can anyone identifying themselves as a point guard regularly take more shots than one of the top 3, if not the best scorer in basketball? Westbrook is an incredible player, top 15 in the game and an elite defensive player, but for heavens sake give the ball to KD! Am I wrong in thinking a PG should pass the ball more, especially as he plays with Kevin Durant?

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Westbrook isn't a PG

Westbrook isn't a point thats why, he's an attacking lead guard who looks to make shit happen

Whether scoring or creating he's an attacker and Durant feeds off of that

its easy to point out because Durant scores off of Westbrook while Westbrook usually attacks off the pick n roll or in the open court

If this were Rondo it'd be different maybe even Rose would defer more but OKC lacks a true 2nd option and with no post players he has to be more aggressive

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