Westbrook and Artest meniscus issues

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Westbrook and Artest meniscus issues

I've read a lot of comments about westbrooks meniscus injury and how he should be back in 3 weeks playing at full strenght because that's what artest did. Lets get 1 thing straight: Westbrook and artest DO NOT have he same game. I don't think Russ will be back this season at all. For a player who plays with the style Russ plays with he needs to be able to move laterally as well as in a straight line. Also the knee needs to be strong enough to explode to the rim and get the lift and hang time Russ often does. Even if Russ does come back he won't be 100% and could risk tearing the acl because after the meniscus goes usually the acl is next vulnerable. Artest isn't even the same player if you watch the some lakers games. Not that he was as pivotal a player as Russ is but he basically is regulated to spot up jumpers and awkward drives to the rim. He's also a lot more foul prone now as he just holds and hacks away when people blow by him. I hope for Russ sake he stays out and doesn't risk the injury. If KD is truly the player we think he is this is his time to prove he can carry the team. A lot of people complained about Russ shot selection and selfishness. Well lets see what KD does with this opportunity

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i swear to god if scott

i swear to god if scott brooks goes back to playing derek fisher 20 mins a game because of westbrook's injury, i'm gonna hate on westbrook for the rest of my life

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If Scott brooks plays fisher

If Scott brooks plays fisher you're going to hate Westbrook? Seems logical. I expect brooks to lean on Jackson and possibly give Lamb some minutes although not many.

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This was a really bad time

This was a really bad time for this sort of injury. Such a stupid way for Russ to miss his first game of his career too, Beverley attacking him as he tries to call a time-out, what a joke.

Durant has been working on his playmaking all season, now he'll be forced to re-adjust and carry the scoring load, I'm definitely going to be watching the next game, I'm guessing KD drops at least 40 and the Thunder still win.

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