Wes Johnson

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Wes Johnson

I know its not great, but at least he is putting up some stats to show that he might eventually have a semi-decent career.

For the month of March - 12.6ppg @ 41% 4reb

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Wes should be able to succeed

Wes should be able to succeed bc of his size and length and athleticism but it seems like he's still struggling to find his shot. And his rookie contract is about to run out so maybe the right team will pick him up and find a way to help him reach his potential

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He will be 26 years old in

He will be 26 years old in july, he cant shoot and he cant dribble. So if he hasnt really improved either of those much since got into the league, I don't think that there is any evidence that he will have a semi decent career. He is a good defender and athletic and has no other skills.

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He's shooting 41% for the

He's shooting 41% for the month. Which admittedly is better than his career 40%. But it is hardly some sort of resurgence. Also the guy never gets to the line. That is just death for a scorer. If you can't hit your jumper and you can't draw fouls, then you are going to be a tremendous offensive liability if you try to score. And when Wes is on the floor, he tries to score.

The stats say that he should be out of the league at the end of this contract. But he is too long and athletic to not get another chance. Look for the Raptors or some other hapless franchise to pick him up for league minimum. But unless he gets better at scoring or he finds something else he can do, he is basically unplayable at this point.

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i didnt like wes johnson

i didnt like wes johnson coming out of college still dont like him now

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Another wasted pick by the

Another wasted pick by the Wolves

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one thing is for sure....he

one thing is for sure....he is no shooting guard and it shouldnt have took coaches very long to figure that out. he will stick around for a couple more years then I expect him to be bumped out but the next few crops coming into the league. dont see him fighting that off.

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I think he could become a

I think he could become a nice role player, mainly because the lack of ball handling and shooting skills (like stated above).

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