Weems does Europe

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Weems does Europe

Hi everybody!

I’m going to introduce myself: This is Sonny Weems of Toronto Raptors fame. Last summer I signed with Zalgiris Kaunas of Lithuania and I’m now going to blog here at HoopsHype about my experiences in Europe – pretty much what Pete Mickeal used to do at the site.

Just got to Kaunas after losing against Unicaja in Game 2 of the Euroleague regular season. It was a tough game, a tough loss. In the NBA when you lose a game, you go to the next one. Over here you can’t: Every game counts.

After eight games, I can say playing in Europe is way different to playing in the NBA. In the U.S. if you’re up by a certain amount of points, some teams just give up. Not here. Every possesion counts.

Another difference is the slow-paced game, which forces you to use your half-court abilities. There’s a lot of flopping too and they don’t call some fouls… And I have to handle the traveling situation. I got two travel calls Tuesday night, so I have to work on that throughout practice. Right now my focus is getting better at half-court situations.

The first Euroleague game was against CSKA Moscow, Andrei Kirilenko’s team. It was nice to play against him, we talked a little bit and we cracked some jokes. At the end he played a great game and got the win.


Well, as you may know, my friend and teammate Ty Lawson had an argument with some fans on Twitter.

We actually talked a little bit about it before he tweeted it. I don’t think there will be any consequences. I think that’s one debate you can’t win. First you have to deal with the fans and then you have to deal with the coaches. That’s one thing I don’t want to get involved in.


Playing abroad gives you the opportunity to travel a lot and discover very interesting cities. Russia was great. Moscow… I really like it. It’s like a bigger New York City! Nightlife, shopping… Then I went to Kazakhstan, and I thought it was going to be one of the worst places I’ve ever been - that’s what most of my teammates were saying - but it was great! One of the best places I’ve seen in Europe so far! No Borat, friends.

Traveling is always good because it opens your eyes a lot. There’s really good cities besides Miami, L.A. and other cities you know about.


One thing I’ve got to tell you is that I can’t stop watching HBO’s The Wire! I’ve been watching it like crazy. I used to hear a lot of people talking about it, but I never had the chance to watch it. I’ve started like a couple of weeks ago and I just can’t stop watching it. I’m watching Season 5 already. I know a lot of people will root for Jimmy McNulty… Me? No cops! My favorite characters would be Bodie Broadus or Marlo Stanfield.

Well, that’s all for now.

Talk to you soon.

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Great to hear, he's enjoying

Great to hear, he's enjoying his experience here in europe and take it the right way (not envolving in useless twit' battles and visiting).

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