Weak draft?

I have heard that this is a weak draft and i do agree but once we look back on it about 4 years we mite say this was a very strong draft I think its to early to see if this draft is weak or not.


Go to that link and the front page is one of most anticipated drafts

They thought that could be one of the best drafts ever ..................BUT look at this picks there really not that good and that draft is not even close to being the best draft ever.

So stop saying this is a weak draft because this draft could be one of the best if Kyrie does become like Chris Paul and all of the Euros turn out to be very good and D-Will becomes a very good player , but you never know .

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I think more players who are coming out of the late 1st round, 2nd round, and even undrafted prospects will contribute more than the "hype" lottery picks and big names.

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There's alot of players in

There's alot of players in 2nd round i think will be good players.

People say this draft is weak because the only sure shot are Irving and Williams....every other player has question marks.

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This draft is weak

I think this is a pretty weak draft at the top, but the mid lottery through the mid twenties might produce some solid NBA caliber players. Its just my opinion, but im not sold on Kyrie Irving or Brandon Knight being superstars or even stars, I think they will be solid players but worth the pick some team is going to spend on them and the euro guys are always a big question mark because so few people have actually seen them play especially against NBA level talent. @rileymcshea3 that 07 draft wasnt one of the best ever, but it did produce a lot of NBA caliber players and some fringe guys so u cant really bag on that draft at all.

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I agree with your assessment. Light 1-6 Solid 7-20 then scattered. The most risk is at the top. I'm not sold on any of the International players

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Weak draft scouts

You keep hearing weak drafts from scouts tryna save there jobs. After players started being able to declare after limited scouting oppurtunities scouts throw the weak draft card because unlike 80s and early 90s college players dont play the best comp outside the nba and players like definement to there game because there only a year removes from high school and lack fundamentals. Seniors are so undervalues now because there top competition is most likely a freshman and they are supposed to dominate freshman and for some reason scouts believe seniors in college have no more room to improve even thought they go from having classes to being able to focus soley on basketball.

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I have read a lot of articles claiming that the players taken in the late first round are as good as the players who will be taken in the late second round. Maybe that means no one is really an all-star caliber player, but it seems like scouts are convinced that there are some real contributers to sort through. Every draft is weak if it's only considered strong if mvp candidates are in it. This particular draft may have less potential starters, still these guys have the same opportunity to become quality players, a draft year can not dictate work ethic.

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It's a solid top 2, then a

It's a solid top 2, then a very questionable 3-14 ish, then very strong the rest of the way.

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It is weak

Kyrie Irving the #1 pick didn't even play half the games for Duke in his only year there...
Derrick Williams likely #2 pick is a undersized power forward
Jonas Valanciunas a likely top 5 pick is a player that is being compared to Nenad Krstic and Primoz Brezic.
Kawhi Leonard another high pick is just a role player and nothing more.

and all the one and dones that have no business leaving Cory Joseph, Tobias Harris, Jereme Richmond, Josh Selby

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Harris has every business in

Harris has every business in the world leaving. Beyond that, fine.

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If Kyrie gets the speed that

If Kyrie gets the speed that he had in the first half of the season back he will be a good NBA player. If for some reason that toe injury is a long term problem, then he will probably just be a starter. I know people say he doesn't jump out of the gym, but he shoots it much better than the fast point guards and he passes and runs the offense very solid. He seems very much in control of the flow of games.

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