Weak draft?

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Weak draft?

A lot of people said this is a weak draft, but is it really that bad?

Compare to 2010 draft, it indeed looks weak. Looking at 2012 draft, it would probably be stronger than this year draft.

However, looking back at 2009 at the time, everyone said it was a weak draft, ended up we got quite some pretty good players picked late 1st or 2nd and more players that would likely be developed into something.

Taj Gibson, Rodrigue Beaubois, Darren Collison, Jeff Teague, Chase Budinger, Dejuan Blair, etc

It is definitely too early to tell this draft is weak.

I think this draft is at least better than the 2006 draft. At least, there are Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, and then there are guys like Enes Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo, Jan Vesely, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard, Donatas Motiejunas, Alec Burks, etc who have enough potential to be legit top 10 picks even in a stronger draft.

After the combine, I am pretty sure a lot of hype would turn this "weak" draft into an "ok" draft.

According to report, some GMs, scouts mentioned this is a weak draft at the top, but there are some good prospects all the way to mid 2nd round.

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IDK if it is as bad as some

IDK if it is as bad as some make it out to be, but it certainly isn't great. I feel that it lacks the "cream of the crop" type prospects, but IMO is is deep in terms of players who can atleast be effective role players. I see a draft loaded with mid-late 1st round talent players.

I don't expect to see many superstar/allstar players come out of this class, but there should be plenty of valuable players coming from it IMO.

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So what is a stronger draft?

So what is a stronger draft?

1 superstar, 3 allstar, and 10 good role players


1 allstar and 25 role players??

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I said this time and time

I said this time and time before, this isn't a weak draft. It's a talent shortage in terms of superstars, but we shouldn't expect a draft with 6-8 superstars every year. The way people compare the 2012 draft to 2003 annoys me because who said players in that draft don't go back?

I think if you need a role player, this is the draft for you. In terms of potential, I think there's 2 all stars in this draft, 5-10 starters and like 8-10 role players, maybe even more. That's 22 players. I think from that, some will be bust and some players I don't think we'll be good might suprise me I dunno.

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There is only 1 bluechip

There is only 1 bluechip prospect on this class (Irving, and he's borderline). Kanter hasn't played in nearly 2 years, so I can't consider him an elite prospect, and Derrick Williams lacks a true position to warrant a blue-chip grade. The top of this draft is weak, but the depth is good. I would say this is a weak draft class.

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I think as much as the so

I think as much as the so called people say a draft is weak or strong, you never know until at least 2 years after the draft. I am pretty sure since Wesley Mathews went undrafted and several player fell in the late second round that many people did not know they would be as good as they are. You never know who will improve and work hard and make themselves a legit player in the league.

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It just seems like a weak

It just seems like a weak draft. Out of the top six picks, how many do you think are going to be allstars? If you had to bet, you would probably take 2 or less instead of 3 or more. Heck, how many do you think will be starting for their teams five years from now? Again, I bet you would take 3 or less instead of 4 or more. Many top guys have question marks attached to their game. And I mean questions like can they play in the NBA, not can they be great.

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Unlike others drafts

Unlike others drafts this draft has a lot of player imo that will fall into the second round but be good players in the league. Other drafts have very few players in the second round that are good players and most of them are out of the league. This draft might not have the superstars at the top, although I feel that a couple players could be all-stars. This draft will have many players contributing to teams for a very long time.

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2009 Draft Pk Tm Player

2009 Draft
Pk Tm Player
1 LAC Blake Griffin
2 MEM Hasheem Thabeet
3 OKC James Harden
4 SAC Tyreke Evans
5 MIN (from WSH) Ricky Rubio
6 MIN Jonny Flynn
7 GSW Stephen Curry
8 NYK Jordan Hill
9 TOR DeMar DeRozan
10 MIL Brandon Jennings
11 NJN Terrence Williams
12 CHA Gerald Henderson
13 IND Tyler Hansbrough
14 PHO Earl Clark

1 CLE (from LAC)
3 UTH (from NJN)
10 MIL
11 GSW
12 UTH
13 PHX
14 HOU

The 2009 Draft has not done much to get those teams out of the lottery. Ten of them are still there, and it is fair to point out the selections of Thabeet and Hill were not the reason Memphis and New York got out. Having guys who stay in the league does not make a draft strong. A strong draft has players whose presence makes bad teams better. 2009 has not done that to any great degree.

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2000 Draft

We can all agree this draft is better then the 2000 Draft.

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BTPH raises a great point.

BTPH raises a great point. Though I would like to add that while the 2011 draft doesn't have the players that WOW you it does not mean it is a bad draft. It takes time to figure out if a draft is good or not. By time I would say 3-4 years, the same length as a rookie deal.

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