We Are What We Eat, Feel & Believe!

For many of us struggling with our weight and trying all manner of diets and weight loss programs, we find that the harder we try to get rid of that excess fat the more weight we seem to put on. According to research, the reasons why some people succeed at maintaining a healthy weight once they shed off a few pounds, while others continue to struggle, has to do with our individual metabolism. Understanding your metabolism therefore is necessary in helping you maintain and healthy weight throughout your lifespan.

It's believed that leaner people tend to have a higher metabolic rate compared to heavier people; the reason being, thin men and women have more fat-free and leaner muscle, that burns up to 50 times more calories, compared to their heavier counterparts. This is not completely true. Metabolism alone, doesn't determine your weight gain or loss. According to, metabolism has to do with, "the rate at which your body converts food into energy." Hence, if you eat a diet rich in calories and you have a low metabolic rate you are bound to gain weight and vice versa.

Additionally, your genetic make up and age also play a role. Men have more muscle mass than women hence lose weight easier. Also, as you grow older your metabolism naturally slows down almost to a halt for some, confirming the saying that the older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.

Hence a balance is recommended. Depending on whether your metabolism is slow or fast, maintaining a healthy weight means either boosting your metabolism or slowing it down.

To lose weight the rule is simple: eat less, eat right and exercise more! When I talk of eating less I don't mean you starve yourself to death, rather, eat to live and not the other way round. For the perfect metabolism diet guaranteed to raise your metabolism, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, and drink lots of water. Avoid fried foods. Instead grill, boiled, or bake your skinless poultry and fish. Cook them in natural herbs like cayenne pepper or ginger. Avoid creamed sauces and butter and sugars of any kind. You can replace your sugar in tea with natural honey; and a cup of coffee a day is more than enough. Green tea which is healthier has been proven in research to burn up calories, further boosts metabolism.

Limit your dairy intake. Instead of whole milk replace it with skimmed milk and while having your egg at breakfast, throw out the yolk. Whole grain or brown bread has always been the best substitute for white bread and is much healthier. Avoid alcohol, it slows down metabolism but if you must, limit your daily intake to a glass of red wine.

When it comes to exercise, lean muscle is what you're looking to achieve. A lot more emphasis has always been placed on the aerobic and cardio vascular exercises obscuring the strength training exercises. Using weights such as dumbbells provides resistance to your body, this way you burn fat faster.
1. Almost every conventional diets work by creating a severe calorie shortage. But severe restrictions slow down your metabolic rate. Your body essentially thinks that you are starving and holds on to the fat. And the slower your metabolic rate is the less calories you burn. The more severe the diet is, the slower the metabolic system gets.

2. A even bigger problem with these diets is the loss of muscle tissue. If your body triggers the alarm that you are starving then your body tries to find ways to conserve energy. And because muscle is metabolically active tissue, it is easy for your body to use it for energy. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the faster your metabolic rate will become, and the faster it is the more you burn calories.

3. When you cut your calories too low then your body starts to produce more Lipoprotein Lipase, which is a fat storing enzyme. And you body also starts to produce less fat burning enzymes. The less food you eat the easier it is for your body to store fat in the future. It gets harder and harder for people to lose weight with these kind of diets.

4. All diets are successful at first but the party never lasts for long. Your body will quickly understand your in starvation mode and starts to save energy. This means you will hit a plateau and losing weight becomes harder and harder. The longer you stay in these low calorie diets the more you crave for food. Eventually people just give up. If you go off your diet then all the weight comes back and losing weight become only harder in the future.

5. It is no surprise that low calorie diets make you lose energy and reduce your work capacity. You become tired and get exhausted very quickly because starving is unnatural. And before you know it you are like a living zombie. It is just horrible.
If you have a history of unhealthy eating and lack of regular exercise, it can be increasingly difficult to find an efficient weight control program that will work for your particular goals, and that will fit around your schedule.

It is important to remember that weight control and the process for losing weight is different for everyone - every one of us is unique in many different ways, and when it comes to weight loss programs, it is no different. There are a number of common factors to consider, however, which have a direct influence on your ability to lose weight and get fit.

We have highlighted some of the steps that everyone can take, and tailor for their particular needs, without the so-called "expert" advice and the expensive diet plans.

Change your eating schedule.

Most people consume between 2-3 meals a day, and then snack on junk food and other foodstuffs high in saturated fat in between those meals in order to keep the hunger at bay. This means you enter into a cycle of feeling stuffed, then hungry, then stuffed, etc. This can have a very adverse effect on your metabolism - it will slow down to a crawl, making the food sit for longer inside you. To counter this, try eating 5-6 small meals a day, about every 3-4 hours. The benefits of this are that you will feel satisfyingly full throughout the day, and it will speed up your metabolism significantly. You will process the fuel you need in order to function at a constant rate, filling you full of energy throughout the day.

Careful with the soda!

Most people never actually consider it, but there are an awful lot of excess calories in sodas and fruit-based drinks. People who drink a great deal of juice or soda can consume hundreds of calories a day before they even eat anything.

Whilst it is true that juice drinks contain a lot of the minerals and vitamins that the body needs, they also contain a great deal of sugar - which if not needed as energy by the body immediately turns into fat. One normal can of Coke contains 155 calories. These calories can build up quickly in the body - if you drink 3 cans of Coke a day, for example, you will consume the same amount of calories as 3 bars of chocolate!


Try to incorporate a little moderate exercise into your daily routine. As part of a weight-loss routine, you should do a little toning exercise and cardio-vascular exercise at least once or twice a week. To start with, try walking at a relatively brisk pace for 30 minutes a day - this will have significant benefits to your weight control. It's also worth remembering that muscle will burn a lot more calories than fat - a little toning exercise each day week will build a base of lean muscle - which can burn up to 10-15 calories a day even at rest!

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Weight control doesn't have to be a life-changing experience. It can be confusing when we are bombarded constantly with weight-loss regimes and diets, and fashionable diet pills (which don't work). It doesn't have to be this way - eating properly, avoiding the sodas and a little exercise - it really is as easy as that!

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