We actually rated him much higher!!!

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We actually rated him much higher!!!

Don't you love it when GMs say that about their draft picks. Sometimes, yes I do believe them, sometimes I'm not so sure.

Here is a case where I know that the GM is either:

So stupid that he actually thinks that people would believe what he said.


So stupid that he really believes what he says.

At 9:35 listen to what Chris Grant says:

So Chris Grant actually rated Tristan Thompson not only "higher" than 4th but MUCH!! higher than that.

So he actually believed that Minnesota a team that has Love, Beasley and Randolph would pick another power forward that was rated 7-11th in most mock drafts at the 2nd spot, over Derrick Williams?

So he actually believed that Utah a team that has Jefferson, Favors and Paul Milsap would pick him over Kanter, Valanciunas, Vesely or Knight?

Just shut up Chris Grant, seriously.

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Agree just sounds like a

Agree just sounds like a cheap effort to sell the pick to the fans. I doubt they would have picked Tristan Thompson if Enes Kanter was around lol

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Jazz Said something similar about Kanter

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On a great thread I was

On a great thread I was working on before the draft that didn't go through and I couldn't go back and try it again, I had Tristan Thompson as the first guy left off my two all-rookie teams. Here were my teams:

1st Team

Derrick Williams (ROY)

Kemba Walker (nice player, my 2nd favorite guy. sleeper pick for ROY).

Enes Kanter (good player, good size. best big man in the draft. also could take a run at ROY).

Jimmer (can shoot, and shoot from a long way away, can score too. decent height for a 1. good fit in Sacto.)

Jan Vesely (can run, jump, do stuff like that. Oh, and he dunks the $#!+ out of the ball. Trendy pick for dunk title. I have named him The Flying V. Should have one of the highest 'awesome, highlight dunks to actual production' ratios of anyone in the league next to new teammate and Javale McGee. Along with John Wall they form the new Triple J's.)

2nd Team

Kyrie Irving (anytime you can get one of the top two point guards from Duke with the first pick in the draft you do it. Anytime you can get an injured guy with a lower ceiling from a pedigree program over a super-talented, long, very athletic wing player with huge upside, you always do it. Reminds me of a slower Mike Conley, Jr. or as we call it in Memphis -- former Grizzlies reserve Marcus Williams. Looks better though when compared to his new teammate Tristan Thompson.)

Ricky Rubio (he can really pass and has great court vision. Will help Kevin Love's offensive rebounding numbers skyrocket. Rubio to D-Dubya (Derrick Williams) will be must see basketball resulting in some great highlight dunks. Can't shoot but with Love, Williams, and Beasley on the team their won't be many shots left to go around.)

Brandon Knight (should take over in Detroit. Doesn't look happy to be there though, but he might turn out to be the next Chauncy Billups. Good talent with great range on his shot).

Alec Burks (good shooting guard who will really help the Jazz. Can play off the ball with Devin Harris or fill in at point. With some great inside scorers and the hot shooting Gordon Hayward, Burks should have room to operate. Should get a lot of minutes and some great looks. Has a 36-inch vertical. Could turn into a poor man's Penny Hardaway.)

Klay Thomspon (can really shoot. a good scorer. Should do well with the Run, Gun, and Fun Golden State Warriors. Might not get the major minutes but he should get some good shots off. If the Warriors go small with Thompson at the 3 and if all three guys are on then the Warriors will be borderline unstoppable.)

Best of the rest: Tristan Thompson -- umm, he plays power forward right? Don't the Cavs already have JJ Hickson? Might turn into a really good backup power forward. Not the highest guy on my board, but oh well. I had him falling to the Warriors at 11. Might have a little more upside than the Morris twins. So the Cavs get a really solid point guard then some more front court depth without getting a small forward. It almost seems like the Cavs are finally prepared to build a team around LeBron James...

Kawhi Leonard -- might not put up the stats but should be a great fit. Could be on the rookie 2nd team. His stats might not be there but he could end up as having one of the five or six best rookie campaigns. Went to a great organization and should be a great building block when the Spurs finally decide to rebuild (along with Blair, Splitter, and Gary Neal).

Bismack Biyombo -- Kemba Walker can make anyone look good. Could be back in the playoffs as an 8th seed. Wouldn't be an easy out for the Miami Wait 'Til Next Year's.

Markieff Morris -- the better of the Morris twins in a better situation in Phoenix.

Chris Singelton -- might not put up great stats but should be a very good player for the Wizards.

Tyler Honeycutt -- might end up starting at 3. Will see some big minutes if he shows promise. Looks like a really good fit.

Iman Shumpert -- might actually be the kind of guy the Knicks need. Versatile player who has good athleticism. A boom/bust pick though. If he pans out then he should be a fan favorite.

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