Wayne Blackshear

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Wayne Blackshear

Wayne Blackshear is making his debut today, finnaly. 13 pts 3 rebs so far.My question is how has he looked? I couldn't watch the game.

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he has been hot and alot of

he has been hot and alot of confidence. He can surly help this UofL team he even started the second half

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He looks really good!

He looks really good!

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You really can't penpoint how

You really can't penpoint how a player will be going forward,by judging his 1st game..Becuz alot of times a guy is playing off adrenaline and his teammates want him to succeed..People were hype to see Josh Selby's 1st game last year,he came out lighting up the scoreboard by mostly hitting jumpers,becuz the defense was laying off,thinking he was rusting from sitting out so long..And thats what Blackshear is doing today,hitting alot of outside shots...

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Im surprised he's playing. He

Im surprised he's playing. He was supposed to be out for the year and sitting on a medical redshirt. Good for him

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Its only one game...he aint

Its only one game...he aint Jeremy Lin

Dale Worthington
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Add another weapon on the

Add another weapon on the wing for The Ville baby.

The Ville's got Cuse at home on Monday. Gonna be a bloodbath.

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Im from Louisville and a die

Im from Louisville and a die hard fan of the Cardinals, im very happy with the win...but at the same time i thinks its kind of selfish 2 waste a guys freshman year when his first game action comes in february smh. I would rather my Cards have redshirted him so he 100% and can contribute for a full season next year. Im just looking at it from the standpoint being Blackshear is very good but his impact is not Final Four or National Championship caliber.

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