Way Back When - Derrick Rose

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It's crazy how much a freak

It's crazy how much a freak athlete he was even in High School. Everyone has put Russell Westbrook up there with him or debated between the two athletically. Rightfully so, but it took Westbrook, I believe his senior year to get his first dunk.

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What is really impressive about Rose

It was amazing how good his Simeon teams were considering the lack of talent that they had (when compared to all these prep schools across the nation). He was still able to average 8+ assists and his senior year pretty much single handedly beat Oak Hill.

The thing that a lot of people get wrong about him is that he is a point guard, not a combo guard. He is similiar to Chris Paul or Deron Williams in that he can score, but still consistantly looks to get his teammates involved. He is not a scorer, he is not a combo, he is a point guard who can score and that makes a big difference.

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I agree completely. I've been

I agree completely. I've been saying this for years.

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for me he is impressing, well he won a state championship, he was on the NCAA final in his freshman season, already MVP (the youngest), and FIBA World Champion, he improved every season, with his training he said he gained 10 pounds of muscle, this would be 6'3 200 pounds, i think his only weakness is the shooting, but we all hope he can get better call me crazy, but i think if he plays next season he would be a better jumpshooter and i don't know but i have a feeling he will add a Post move or a post game on his game, he already have amazing footwork, ball handling skills and an unstopable floater his triple threat game is good tell me can you guys see him adding some post moves on his game

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I remember sitting around

I remember sitting around with one of my buddies (I am way more into basketball than any of my friends) and showing him a DRose high school highlight and telling him that he would win the National title with Memphis and be the number 1 pick and he really wasn't listening too intently. I was almost right.

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