washington wizards

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washington wizards

ok im sick of wizards being awful. I know gilbert can be very good, but i thought if they were gona trade everyone and start over they should have tried to void his contract. but since they are keeping him explain 1. who u think they should draft. 2. what free agents they should go after in the offseason. and 3. what their line up should look like starting next season. 4. Also what bench players they should keep or get rid of.

my best case scenario

1. wall/turner
2. Try and get bosh.
3. wall/turner, gilbert, blatche, mike miller, bosh?
4. Keep Mcgee, Foye, thornton and maybe nick young.
They most likely wont get wall or turner, and also wont keep mike miller though.

Telll me what you think

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I feel like Washington will

I feel like Washington will get Wes Johnson with the #4 or #5 pick.. In the late 1st take Eric Bledsoe and develop him at PG...and then in the 2nd round take shot blocker Jarvis Varnando...

Washington probably isn't getting any big time FA's so they could pick up a small piece or 2...

Keep McGee, Thornton, Young, Gilbert, Foye

Along with their draft picks that gives them:

Guards: Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, Eric Bledsoe, Randy Foye
Forwards: Al Thornton, Wes Johnson
Forwards/Centers: McGee, Blatche, Varnando

In FA I see them getting someone like Hakim Warrick to back up both Forward positions and that will fill out most of their rotation. Re-sign Shaun Livingston. Then sign some scrub big man like Jarron Collins giving them:

starting line up of:
PG-Gilbert Arenas
SG-Nick Young
SF-Wes Johnson
PF-Andray Blatche
C-Javale McGee

PG-Shaun Livingston
F- Al Thornton
G- Randy Foye
PG- Eric Bledsoe
F-Hakim Warrick
C-Jarron Collins

That's my prediction

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They need to let Howard and

They need to let Howard and Thorton go and draft Wesley Johnson and all the other guys you said are good. They need to keep their young bigs and grab some veteran big to help them. They need to keep Livingston and Foye but move Nick Young. I like Nick Young but I think needs a change in scenery. He could be a beast for New York where he will not get knocked for his defensive abilities as much.

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I am from DC and a big Wiz

I am from DC and a big Wiz fan so first Ernie Grunfeild is a terrible president so I expect something to go wrong this off season. But going into the offseason I think the wizards should of course decline Howard's option and let everyone else walk. I saw some people saying Randy Foye is going to have a breakout year next year but I dont see it he is a short 2 guard who doesnt know when to pass and when to shoot. His game is a couple dribbles off the pick into a pull up from the elbow thats why Livingston started toward the end of the year. As far as the draft Id take Wes Johnson because thornton is not the future at the 3 and with the late first round (Cavs Pick) Id select a SG to challenge nick young for his spot (Stephenson, Dominque Jones, Crawford,) or a Udonis haslem type player like Gani Lawal

As far as FAs A veteran pg and some spot up shooters on the wing maybe

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ernie think smart

wiz need cousins or turner. lets be smart ernie

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here what i think wiz fans

. its scary too be wizards fan I know are luck we get the 8 pick that's the lowest we can get. But I think the most safe pick of the draft is Evan turner from Ohio state for wizards there future will defiantly look bright and they have a versatile player too build around for years and years too come. Also cousin who can some point be a dominate post player and a solid shot blocker. Wizards has a history of not defending they can go with him they have many ways of improving in this draft don't forget they have too other picks beside the lotto pick witch can get 2 more solid player possible a steal. My guts say get wall but my heart is with Evan turner I just think he be are best fit not a trouble maker guy just a quiet guy but a killer on the court.

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