Washington State Gem ?

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Washington State Gem ?

Faisal Aden ??? Where the hell this guy come from. Can anybody tell me more about this guy. I know he played 2 years at a community college in tampa before transferring over to washington state. With a injury sidelining sophomore reggie moore, aden got enough minutes and the opportunity to show what he can do. He is averaging 14.2 ppg he does need to improve his playmaking skills as he is only averaging 1APG. Him and clay thompson forming one scary backcourt in the PAC10. What do you guys think of him ? who would you compare him to ?

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he has come out of nowhere

he has come out of nowhere and been the teams second most valuable player after klay. He is a very quick offensive minded combo gaurd who can creat points and put up numbers in a hurry. Pg Reggie Moore was usspended indefenitely yesterday so aden will move back into the starting 5 and should see his unmber rise.

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