Washington Huskies

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Washington Huskies

What do you guys think about this squad? Contender or Pretender?

My take: This team is ridiculous offensively when they are hitting their 3's, they shot 23% from the field against Kentucky (Isaiah Thomas choked this game going 4-14)...they should have taken down Michigan State had it not been for 2 late 3's from Durrell Summers...they were up 10 at halftime yet choked in the 2nd.

I don't think Romar is good enough of a coach to lead a team without a bonafide NBA player late into the tournament...They have 10 guys who are averaging 4.8+ points per game

Thomas is playing horribly this year but their deep bench should make up for his poor shooting

do you think the losses to kentucky and michigan state will be their only ones? they don't play any other currently ranked teams this season

also, do you see any NBA prospects on this team?

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People forget this team lost

People forget this team lost their best and only consistent player Quincy Pondexter and Issiah Thomas is very erratic at times but the Pac-10 is really weak so they should still dominate in conference play

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there a very legit squad.

there a very legit squad. They had halftime leads over both kentucky and michigan state and both games came down to th e last minute. They really blew the michigan state game by missing two shots in the final 15 seconds to tie it. They defend, have more depth then i expected. ANd they are an improved 3 point shooting team with freshmen cj wilcox, terence ross and junior darnell gant all really improving from distance. It sucks for them they lost 2 opportunities in big games, but anyone watching those games knows washington is a legit contender.

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Young Role Players

A lot of the main role players for this team (cj wilcox/Terrance Ross) are freshman and will take time getting adjusted to their roles and seeing what they need to do help the team win.

I think Washington will only get better as the year progresses and has some very weak conference games where they can fiddle with their rotation and get everything nailed down.

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Well I am somewhat biased

Well I am somewhat biased because I live in Washington, but I definitely think these guys are good. They aren't as good as the Team with Nate Robinson, Tre Simmons, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy, etc.. but they have a lot of depth on that team. A surprising guy to watch is N'diaye (sp?), He is a raw player so I didn't really know what to expect, but this guy has been pretty good, especially on the defensive end. NBA prospect wise, I think that Isaiah can be the next Nate Robinson. I watched him play in High School, and the guy could score at will. He is having some trouble this year, but I think at the end of the day, he could be a late 1st, early 2nd rounder after his Senior year.

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