Washington can not win their second away game

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Washington can not win their second away game

Blake Griffin has Triple Double

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Great game! If every average

Great game! If every average fan saw this game on the schedule, they wouldn't tune in, but it might have been the greatest game between two NBA bottomfeeders of all time. I didn't watch the 2nd and 3rd quater though.

Griffin had a great game, but he's really annoying me. He whines and fouls, and whines even when he gets calls. He's the new LeBron, and I mean that in a bad way.

Gordon had a great game too. Made the clutch 3 to send it into double-OT.

Wall had a great game too. Him and Griffin are the future of the NBA.

Jordan Crawford was pretty good. Had a pretty terrible first half, but bounced back in the 2nd and OT. But he let his ego get in te way and refused to let wall bring the ball up court multiple times in OT and he got double teamed and turned the ball over. that was the turning point. He shows promise though and I’m sure he’ll learn from his mistakes.

McGee played well. But he showed more control and touch on offense tonight, and also had a very timely block. But there were more than a couple of occasions in OT and 2OT where he got killed by a pumpfake and leaped himself out of the play. He needs to learn that is still really hard to make a shot, especially a jumpshot, over your 7-ft frame and 7-ft wingspan. Just put your hands up. But still, he makes much less atrocious mistakes lately and I overall have been more impressed.

Yi played well too, and times you might never hear me say that again. Made shots and played great perimeter D. I would like to feel optimistic about Yi, he played good. But keep showing me Big China. I want more.

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