Was Yeserday Point Guard Day?

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Was Yeserday Point Guard Day?

Rondo trip-dub's w/ 18-17-20 in an overtime victory vs Knicks

D-Will "nets" a career and league-wide season high 57 points vs Bobcats

Derrick Rose goes off for 35 on the night to lead the Bulls against the Sixers

CP3 28-10 in a close game vs Rockets

Ty Lawson one rebound away from a trip-dub (22-9-11) in a victory against my Spurs

Wow. All incredible games from each player yesterday.

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Historical day.

Yesterday was an incredible day for point guards as Rajon Rondo goes for a MONSTER triple double and Derron Williams scores 57 for an NBA high in points this year and also the Net's all-time record.

So we got two of the best point guard games ever in one day plus great games from Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Ty Lawson.

We are in the era of point guards (only one true superstar center and not as much depth at shooting guard) and we have some really, really good point guards now. Lots of good ones in the all-star game along with some ones who could have gotten in such as Brandon Jennings. The Rookie/Soph game had some really good ones with Rubio, Irving, and John Wall who should all make the all-star team one day, plus Jeremy Lin, Kemba Walker, and Brandon Knight.

Not too many guys have had a better triple double than Rajon Rondo's. Not too many guys (to say nothing about point guards) have scored 57 points in a game before. But, on the same night? That's historic.

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It really was a bad day to work yesterday. Haha
But it really is crazy how the pg talent lvl has risen. And I love the 57 point from DWill.
But Rondos Triple-Double was crazy ridiculous.

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Kobe's Not Impressed

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