Warriors sign 35th pick Draymond Green

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Warriors sign 35th pick Draymond Green

Is it just me or are alot more second rounders from this years draft getting contracts compared to previous years drafts ?


Warriors sign rookie F Draymond Green.

Golden State will reportedly give the No. 35 draft pick a three-year, $2.6 million contract with a team option in the third year.

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It's a deeper draft, there

It's a deeper draft, there was late-first round talent in the mid-2nd round

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Isaiah Thomas, Lavoy Allen,

Isaiah Thomas, Lavoy Allen, E'Twaun Moore, DeAndre Liggins, Josh Selby, Andrew Goudelock, Josh Harrelson, Charles Jenkins, Malcolm Lee, Jon Leur, Jeremy Tyler, Chandler Parsons, Trey Thompkins, Jordan Williams, Shelvin Mack, Kyle Singler and Justin Harper are all on NBA rosters. That is over half the players drafted in the 2nd round.

I agree that this years draft was deeper but I don't really think it extended into the second round as much as it did into the 20-30th spots where guys like Sullinger, Moultrie and PJ3 fell for various reasons.

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This draft was crazy deep, of

This draft was crazy deep, of course more people will sign

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I've always been a fan of

I've always been a fan of Draymond Green. It will be interesting to see how he fares. With three years he'll have time to make a mark somewhere with his toughness and savvy. I really believe he has the pure instincts to stick around for awhile, might even develop into a surprisingly good scorer and all around player who produces in all offensive and defensive categories...

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Green was a great pick for

Green was a great pick for GS. They liked him enough to draft him and sign him to a deal, but after the 1st day of camp they are going to love him.. He is a old school kind of guy. Does a little bit of every thing. He is a great leader. He is going to be a great passer in the NBA and is going to be able to put the ball in the basket better then people think.

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I don't think he'll have a

I don't think he'll have a big rookie impact, but it was smart to sign him for 3 years. I think he'll be a very good value pick and a guy who can do a little of everything. The fact that he's an undersized forward doesn't worry me because he is so skilled and such a high character guy.

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