Warriors front office

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Warriors front office

I'm just leaving this question for those who know more about front office stuff and salary caps: If your in charge of the Warriors, what do you do with Steph Curry and Bogut. You have two very talented and important pieces to your team that cannot stay healthy for whatever reason. Currys ankle has been a problem, is a problem and will continue to be a problem. Bogut has a pretty nasty track record with injuries and that has to be a concern as well. I'm not bashing these two guys, i'm just trying to look at it from a business standpoint.

If these two manage to stay healthy, this team is possibly a contender in a year or two especially as Barnes begins to develop more.

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I keep Steph Curry around

I keep Steph Curry around even with the risk of injury, because he really does have special shooting ability and awesome talent.. just have to be careful with him. As for Bogut, who knows? When at full health he is very good. Id say give him a chance to be healthy before unloading him.

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This leads me to a very

This leads me to a very interesting topic, why isn't someone like Aaron Nelson (head athletic trainer) more sought after? We all know Robert Sarver is one of the cheapest owners in the league so why hasn't any other team stollen this guy for an absurd amount of money. In my opinion he'd be worth it.

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The Warriors have Jack as a

The Warriors have Jack as a solid backup for when Curry goes down. Ezeli could be an OK centre for when Bogut misses games. They do need a good quality backup centre though, thats who I would be trying to get before the trade deadline.

The warriors are 28-17 which is a great effort considering Bogut has really only played in a few games this season....

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i've often wondered the same thing. Is there contractual rules that stop teams doing this? I mean, very few coaches leave a team mid-season to coach another team, like in strict is the CBA regarding coaching contracts? Aaron Nelson is probably the Suns biggest asset right now!

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