Warriors curse?

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Warriors curse?

The Warriors,as you might know have lost David Lee 4-6 Weeks due to injury is right middle finger, during Summer League Reggie Williams was injured, I usually don't believe in curses, but really thats like 8 People injured in the past year.

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yea I hope thats all it is is a curse. So hopefully Azubuike is completely healthy with the Knicks lol. I feel bad for D. Lee though...

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think bigger

try the west coast big man curse

Portland - Oden, Joel Prz

GSW- David Lee, Andris Beidrins

LA Lakerss - Bynum

Clippers- Griffin, and before last season Kaman

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How ironic David Lee has a

How ironic David Lee has a "right middle finger" injury, cuz injuries has "" the Warriors every year. Im a Warriors fan,and sad to say it that I think were just one of those teams (like the Clippers) that just meant to be awful forever.

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mess.eee You might not have to be sad for long maybe the new owners will spend money and fire everyone in the front office and find a coach who doesn't waste players potential and improve the warriors. Your fans are crazy loud look at 2007 playoffs and some coaches said its the scariest arena in NBA so imagine what would happen if you guys put a good team on the floor.

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