Warriors and Blazers both sign players

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Warriors and Blazers both sign players

Dorell Wright has agreed to a three-year, $11 million contract with the Warriors, according to a source.

Wright has spent all six of his NBA seasons with the Heat.$11m_deal_with_warriors/#ixzz0tL4OIjx2

The Portland Trail Blazers announced today they have signed restricted free-agent guard Wesley Matthews to an offer sheet. Per team policy, financial details were not disclosed.

The Utah Jazz will have seven days to match the offer sheet from the day on which they receive it.

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Some other signings

Johan Petro signed with the Nets$10m_deal/

Luther Head signed with the Hornets

Kings signed undrafted rookie Donald Sloan

Bobcats signed Dominic McGuire

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The contract that Wesley Matthews got today was massive for a kid that has only played in the league for one year, 5 years 34 mill.

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Congrats to Wesley Matthews,

Congrats to Wesley Matthews, he went undrafted, but he fought and earned himself a legit place in the NBA, and will probably be in the NBA for a long time. Congrats to him, he deserves it.

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Why does Portland always go

Why does Portland always go after the Jazz first Millisap last year now Matthews

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Because they're rivals.

Because they're rivals.

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See thats how teams get in

See thats how teams get in these silly financial situations for overpaying for players that really havent proven themselves..
Its great that Matthews fought hard paid his dues and made the league..Every team needs a hustling player like him..But Maybe he looked good becuz of the system he was in..
And Dorell Wright was given the starting small forward position at Miami..But he couldn't hold it becuz he was too inconsistent..

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