The Warriors

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The Warriors

With the news or Bogut coming back and Curry hurting his ankle again.... How good is this team when fully healthy?We knew they could score but now that they're actually a really good defensive team, they had the 5th best record in the stacked west without Bogut,so would you consider them a top 4 team in the West especially if the Griz trade Rudy Gay? I mean all of signs are pointing to it and with being a big Warriors fan (second to the Mavs) I've always been a firm believer in how good they are (also overrating them at times) but it just seems hard to say they are only behind the Thunder,Spurs, and Clippers in terms of overall best teams in the West.This team almost has no weakness now ,because they have basically two allstars (with curry and Lee) with shooters let them do whatever they want(Thompson and Barnes) and Bogut manning the paint.They have a great bench to keep it going with the best back up pg in the league named Jarret Jack and two bigs that do there job (Landry and Ezeli).The Warriors are a pretty solid team that should probably rest Curry and Bogut for one game during double headers so there healthy during the playoffs because this team can definitely make some noise and should be the favorites in the first round of the playoffs.

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I think the Warriors are a

I think the Warriors are a really solid team on paper, but health is important, and Mark Jackson is still growing as a coach; his inability to recognise Klay Thompson's obvious deficiencies (ball-stopper and poor defender) have made him fall in love with a 3-guard line-up which has cost them a few games and might hurt them in tight games in the playoffs. That said, when fully healthy they have arguably the best frontline in the West - tied with the Grizz - and their depth is something else, with Landry, Jack and even rookie Draymond Green providing valuable minutes.

I used to really dislike the Warriors for their no-D, run'n'gun style, but I gave them a chance after they drafted one of my favourite players in Barnes, and while they are still frustrating in some ways with their shot-selection, I've come to love this current Warriors generation, and will be rooting for them in the West playoffs after my Celtics lost Rondo.

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The Warriors success is

The Warriors success is hinged upon health, Curry's ankle, Bogut's struggle with several different injuries and even David Lee has had injuries of his own to deal with which is a major concern moving forward. Those are their three top players whom they need all at once healthy to make a deep playoff run. Klay Thompson needs to work on his defense heavily. Landry and Jack are two guys off the bench who can give them a spark when they need it. Barnes is also finding his niche. They have a core that they can build on at least and come first round they might take a team to the brink depending on the match up but they are a few years away from competing for a Title.

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warriors are good and deep.

warriors are good and deep. curry just tweaked his ankle. he ran off the court to the locker room. wait until bogut gels more with the team. it will be scary.

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