Wants, Needs, & Desires...

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Wants, Needs, & Desires...

Over the past few years I've watched teams draft players based on potential and the ceiling that they pray for them to reach. We've had Tyrus Thomas, Kwame Brown, Darko Milic, and others flop like a bad pop album. But the thing that I'm starting to notice is that teams are ignoring exactly what they need in their locker rooms, in their jerseys, and most importantly on the court.

This is the first year I am examining what a team needs and what the move is that they should have been looking to make. You take a look at a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers, obviously lacking the star power and spark that LeBron took to South Beach. Why not take a risk on the player with the most flare entering the draft? Why not take a proven winner?

In my opinion, Kemba Walker was by far the best player in the NCAA this year. He led his squad to the NCAA Championship and a host of other wins and got himself plenty accomplishments. What makes him less than great when comparing him to Kyrie Irving? He is a PG, maybe not as pure, but yet the same.

Historically speaking, teams like the Portland Trailblazers and Atlanta Hawks are suffering the most from passing that one thing to get their team back to glory and greatness. The Blazers passed on dead eye scorer Kevin Durant because of its infactuation with Greg Oden. The Hawks passed both Chris Paul and Deron Williams, two ALL-NBA PGs in the time when they needed them the most. "Potential" had them take Marvin Williams, a solid, but needless pick at the time.

Now I look at teams this year tussle over picks that boggle my mind. It makes me feel as if they don't trust the very players that they pay to compete every night and also ignore the rosters that have built over the years. These lottery teams must take a stance and either embed themselves into rebuilders or teams that want to compete for the championship right now.

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wants, needs, and desires

Blake Lively, Miller High Life + sticky icky, and an NBA and NFL championship in the city of brotherly love.

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