want rubio?

if the knicks wanted rubio would this trade work or be realistic? i kinda just thought it up and couldnt check if the salaries matched, so tell me what you think

New York gets ricky rubio and Adam Morrison
Minnesota get Knicks 2010 first rounder, Sasha Vujacic
LA Lakers get Wilson Chandler and Etan Thomas

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The Knicks dont have a 2010

The Knicks dont have a 2010 1st rounder. What planet have you been on?

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knicks don´t have a first

knicks don´t have a first rounder this year and the lakers don´t need chandler as they have already enough good forwards. especially not if they have to give up vujacic becuase he was a good backup for them on a position they need a backup so letting him go would be stupid!

even if we ignore these problems the wolves will want more for rubio!

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you must be a laker fan,

you must be a laker fan, they give up morrison and sasha and get wilson and thomas? that would be a bigger steal than pau gasol.

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