Wally Judge sighting

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Wally Judge sighting

Judge is finally starting to play like a lot of people thought he would at the beginning of the season. He put up 22Pts 9Reb (5 offensive) and 3Ast today and had 14Pts 11Reb (9 offensive) and 2Ast the previous game.

Of course, Pullen and Kelly didn't play in either becuase of suspensions.

You think their suspensions were a blessing in disguise for him or will he just go back to being invisible when they come back?

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It's about damn time. I hope

It's about damn time. I hope he keeps it up and represents the D.C/MD area like it is supposed to be represented

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He's getting better A LITTLE,

He's getting better A LITTLE, but he's still not quite as confident as he needs to be offensively just yet. He misses alot of layups around the rim and doesn't finish with a dunk nearly as much as he should given his athleticism. He was 6-15 from the floor in his 15 and 11 game, all of them were lay-ins at the rim too. He's also a TERRIBLE free throw shooter. Hopefully he plays better though, and gives us production down low. His best games were against bad teams and he has struggled in every other game just about, so I'm not going to hype him.

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